Antique Peranakan Jewellery

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  1. Hi
    I have just join in too and like to share with u I bought my Intan earring from the shop that Taiqi mention at south bridge road
  2. Hi Kim chase have u get something from Kuching ? Wish u can share with us. 😄
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    Hello, i hope you are still active here cos i came across two pieces of keronsang
    like the one you posted here and according to the owner are genuine pieces from a later period... will be able to direct you to see the post in facebook if you are interested.
  4. There are a few groups on Facebook... 1) Peranakan Material Culture, 2) Authentic Peranakan Antiques, 3) The Peranakan (Nyonya & Baba) Clan

    There you can get so much information
  5. Hi...think you might have to make a trip to Malacca...the closest enclave for all things Perankan to shop for your set of jewelry

    Would you be interested to get the attached 21k rose gold bracelet?

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