Alma BB - epi or epi love lock. Thoughts pls...

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  1. Yes as soon as I take her out the dust bag I’ll know - if it’s not heart skips a beat love then she’s going back
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  2. This year is also the first new year with my baby boy! The purse(s?) is the best treat!
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  3. Yes my one worry was it might be a more dressy bag so wouldn’t be able to use it quite so much...
  4. I saw this bag yesterday and the whole line is beautiful - they are actually metal pieces attached to the bag (on the epi) but I passed because I thought it was a little juvenile not as sophisticated as the original, but that’s just my opinion. I felt I would love it for a short time and feel odd carrying it to work for that reason. Good Luck with your decision!
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  5. [​IMG] wow she’s so beautiful!! Not 100% decided on what to do as need to work out if she’s casual enough for using all the time but there’s no doubting she’s beautiful! Xx
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  6. Touch call, but the indigo color is much lovelier in person!
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  7. I’m not one for all the patches and such that have been coming out but this one is gorgeous! I think you can get a lot of use out of this.
  9. I love this bag. Had same dilemma as OP but glad I went for this one. Here's is a quick mod shot from hotel room I took other day. Screenshot_20190112-021827_Gallery.jpg
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  10. Every time I see a pic of this bag it grows on me more and more. It looks lovely on you!
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  11. It’s really pretty!
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  12. It’s such a stunning bag isn’t it. Fab photo!! Think I’m leaning towards keeping it but feel it’d be more ‘sensible’ to exchange for indigo but do I want to be sensible xx
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  13. classic - no contest for me. those will stay forever but these blings and patches will be out of style someday (just my opinion)
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  14. Its a hard decision. For me I just felt that I can always get the normal version later down the line if I really wanted it since they are both quite different.
    I think between normal black epi and indigo. I prefer the black. The black epi is just so slick looking can dress up or down. Good luck deciding. :smile:
  15. Hi Missydora, do you know which would fit more? Alma bb or Blanche bb?