Alma BB - epi or epi love lock. Thoughts pls...

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  1. Hello! HNY to you all :smile:

    Needing some advice on my latest purchase - I’ve recently become a bit obsessed with both epi leather and the Alma BB and think they are a gorgeous combination.

    So I was thinking about buying the indigo epi Alma BB with SHW h/e LV then confused me by releasing the black epi Love lock Alma BB

    Photos of both attached - just wondering what people’s thoughts are on the £400 difference in cost between the two - worth it? I have ordered the black love lock version atm but still in two minds...

    For info I have a medium Chanel all black chevron classic flap in lamb, black Chanel jumbo classic flap in caviar SHW, black/mono victoire in mono/noir combo GHW, black Montaigne MM - I love black bags! So this would be my obvious one to have with GHW - but don’t have a blue bag so wondering if more sensible to go for that [emoji848]

    Thanks so much for your help - only place I can ask such questions to people who understand [emoji5] [​IMG]
  2. I have to say all these bags with patches, animals and such this one happens to be quite eye catching. I guess if I were you I would look at how you would use and do you see ourself with it long term. And would you tire of the design? Sometimes trendy bags are not always the best choices. Both bags are beautiful with the indigo being more simplistic.
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  3. Personally I would stick with the classics. I have discovered over the years that the fun, trendy pieces will look dated and I will get tired of them. Simply too much money to invest only to turn around and sell in a couple of years. I will sometimes buy the charm from a new line which can be a fun way to change up my lovely timeless beauties.
  4. I prefer the classic Alma BB in Épi.
    The “love lock” version looks like something a child would wear. :no:
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  5. Simple classic timeless
  6. I really like the black epi Love lock Alma BB and IRL is just beautiful the combination of black and gold :loveeyes:

    You have many black Chanel bags but this one is totallly different because: model (Alma), leather (Epi) and gold details (Love lock). Is something fresh and cute IMO :tup:
  7. I went to store thinking about getting the black epi love lock either Alma or Neonoe. When I was in store I tried both and also the original black epi Neonoe. I was then really really struggled between the the original black epi Neonoe and the epi love lock Alma.

    Long story short, I came home with the black epi love lock Alma. It may look a little childish but it is a fun bag!
  8. Epi love lock
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  9. I really like the Alma bb love lock. I don't think it looks childish, rather very modern and not overdone. I did consider getting this one as I use my Alma bb the most. GL.
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  10. Thanks CornishMon - this is the only stickers/patches type one that’s properly caught my eye - love that it’s gold rather than colours but yes that’s a valid point re whether I’d tire of the design that I’ll have to consider [emoji848][emoji8]
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  11. I’ve always loved a class with a twist but admittedly the pieces that have stayed in my collection are all classics... I do have a few of the illustre bag charms which I love for making the bags a bit more fun sometimes - wish they did more with SHW to match the classic epi Alma xx
  12. I agree that a lot of them do look quite childish but for some reason I don’t think this one does as it doesn’t have the colourful bits like on the mono versions. I wish I lived closer to a store so I could go in and compare them and try on xx
  13. True that you cannot go wrong with a classic!
  14. Oh that’s good to know it’s beautiful IRL - I thought it was amazing online so I think I’ll know when I open it if it’s love and a keeper.

    Yes true it is very different to my black bags and don’t have an alma in my collection at all so defo ‘need’ [emoji849] one! xx
  15. Ooo congrats on your new beauty [emoji178] Such hard but lovely decisions to make! Have you done a reveal? I’d LOVE to see that and some mod shots [emoji7] And I don’t think it looks childish at all [emoji5] xx