Alma BB - epi or epi love lock. Thoughts pls...

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  1. I have seen it in real life and I find it dreadful. But I am not looking for “fun” when I purchase a bag. I gravitate toward classic designs.
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  2. I totally agree [emoji178] well put xx
  3. [emoji178]
  4. Well I should probably go for it while I’m still young [emoji5] (well I consider myself young ) Think I’ll know as soon as I’ve opened it whether it’s love or not so we shall see! Xx
  5. I don’t know if it has anything to do with being younger or older, but yes, you should definitely see it in person. If you love it, then it’s meant to be! You can always resell it if you get tired of it later.
  6. Yes that is very true on all points [emoji5]xx
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  7. I would generally say go with the classic but in this case, it sounds like your drawn in by the "locks" on the Alma and since you already have a few very classic and black bags, why not try something a little more fun. I think you will know when you open if it's a keeper or not! Good luck.
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  8. I don't usually go for limited edition pieces, but occasionally I do. These LE pieces will remind you of a particular time and a particular period in your life. And plus I don't think this one is over the top, I think it's quite nicely done. :smile::smile::smile:
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  9. I like the love lock on the Epi. The gold pieces are different from the cartoony patches of late. And if you always wanted GHW on your epi bag, well here it is.
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  10. #25 Jan 7, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2019
    Here you are! The two sides of it.
    I like the black and gold combination. And since it’s my first Alma bb, I just cannot stop using it! Perfect for everyday essentials [emoji8] IMG_1546868534.326879.jpg IMG_1546868550.531305.jpg
  11. I would go for the classic.
  12. Thank you so much for the pics! She looks beautiful and looks amazing on you! I’m really excited to receive her and she’ll also be my first alma bb - hoping it’s not a slippery have too many bags as it is! Xx
  13. Classic. You can take it casually or dressed up or to a work event. I would tire of love lock and feel it’s use is more limiting.
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  14. You know that’s such a lovely way to think of it - thank you - it’s my first new year with my baby boy so it is a special time to mark [emoji178]
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  15. Yeh totally agree - I also love the GHW - that’s what sold me. Xx
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