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  1. ^^. Love this purse. It may be a little too large for me and the petite is too small for me. And my MacBook Pro 15" doesn't fit in there either. Maybe I can't buy by the end of this year.
  2. IMG_20170117_135651.jpg
    This baby arrived yesterday and I'm carrying her today, perfect for the warm weather in Melbourne today. I'm getting the tag monogrammed at the Chadstone store this weekend. Super excited.
  3. Correction:
    Maybe I CAN buy The end of the year.
  4. Smooth leather version is 1 650 € and the one with saffiano panel is 1 350 €. :smile:
  5. Trying out my Strap You on my Petite 2jours
    proportions are off but I kind of like it!
    The colors look really washed out - they're much better in real light but it's overcast today - bag is golder and strap is redder
  6. Stunning bag and strap combo!! The Strap You is a bit longer than what I expected. Can you wear it crossbody?
  7. My first 2 Jours is on the way! Fendi1.jpg
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  9. My first Fendi bag and i love it! It's light blue with a purple panel and red interior.
    It's the newer one with soft leather throughout. Mine had no lining, it is also that soft leather inside. The leather is divine!!
  10. I love the purple lacquer on the hardware. Congratulations!
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  11. It's so pretty, DestinyFate! :loveeyes: Big congrats! ;)
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  12. The color combo is divine! And the purple lacquered hardware plus the monogrammed hangtag.....:girlsigh:
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  13. IMG_1491364824.766836.jpg just received my new petite 2jours! So in love IMG_1491364918.836304.jpg
  14. I'm in! Petite 2Jours Pink Flamingo Apple :love: 20170405_173604.jpg
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  15. Big congrats, zatilaqmar! :smile: It's so pretty! I love the charm! :loveeyes::hbeat: Enjoy!
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