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  1. I've been eyeing this bag since I saw Sarah Jessica Parker carrying it back in July. I asked my SA about the bag and she promised to get back to me as soon as she had more info. Yesterday, she sent me pics of the two colors I'm most interested in -- blue and green

    After seeing the pics, I'm pretty sure this is the next bag to join my collection (and my first Fendi!)

    While trying to gather info about the bag -- opinions on size, color, style, leather, etc -- I came here looking, and was very surprised that there hasn't been much talk about these bags (other than an occasional post in the Celeb thread and a few posts in the "Whats new with Fendi" thread)

    Has interest in Fendi died down on a whole, or is it still too early to be hearing about these bags? (altho it does seem like they've been popping up on celebrity arms for a while now)

    For those that have seen it, can you share your thoughts? What about colors? I know which one I'm leaning towards, but wanted some other opinions

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  2. I am super interested in this bag too! In fact I gathered quite some photos too.

    i really like the blue one and i did try them on in real life. my biggest concern is size. i am quite petite (5'3) and the bag looks kinda too big on me, kinda like the 2nd photo in the attachment (no that's not me XD)

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  3. I'm pretty sure that second one is the Larger size (the "Shopper) -- the ones I posted pics of are the Medium (the "Elite"). I saw the Large one and agree that it's a little too big (at least for me), but I'm pretty sure the medium will be perfect

    (I've heard conflicting things -- that SJP's is the large, but then somewhere else it said it was the smaller size, so I'm not sure -- I know Reese Witherspoon's is the medium & I think it looks great on her!)

    BTW -- what did you think of the blue? is the pic I posted pretty true to life? I'm normally drawn to blue bags, but I really think that green is pretty amazing. I also think the contrasting leather is more prominent on the green -- there's not a whole lotta contrast on the blue one (at least in that pic)
  4. Me too!! I saw them at the mall at Bloomies, and they are totally stunning. I saw both large and medium. The medium is the BEST size and perfect for petite size ladies....I am a smidge taller than you. They had the following colors: Black, Blue, Dark Red, and the Golden Honey (Reese's bag). All gorgeous colors!!! The black is elegant for sure!! The red is very mysterious and lovely!! The Golden Honey is really nice. The Blue is out of this world!!!

    The sheer minimalistic quality with amazing touches (like the texture and smooth leather combo and clean lines) makes this bag a real winner!

    Good luck in your decision. I now am going to go traipse into my walk-in closet to see which color will make my dreams come true...LOL.
  5. Forgot to add....

    Go to the website to see that 'out of this world' Blue! Gorgeous photo you will see in promo.
  6. I'm really liking the newer FENDI bags -- in fact not since the spy bags & Chef Grandes have I been so titilated!

    I am refreshing my FENDI Collection & very excited!
    I just have a few of the newer bags so far....but its growing! :graucho:

    I love these bags & there are a few new 2012 ones on my "must have" list....Happy shoppin' every body!:biggrin:
  7. I'm so loving the Fendi Chameleon that I haven't put the time into falling in love with the 2Jours :biggrin:!
    I love the green one you posted, next time I'm in a city that carries Fendi I am going to check this bag out.
    I find the Fendi forum quite quiet. I have been hanging out here for the last 6 months or so, and there isn't a ton of traffic.:shucks: I am surprised because I am really enamored with Fendi bags lately, I'm surprised more people aren't.
  8. So after my SA sent me pics of the blue & green, I still couldn't make up my mind, so I decided to check them out in person to see which one I liked best - unfortunately, the blue one was purchased before she could put it on hold :sad:

    She's going to try and get another one, but so I don't miss they boat completely, I decided to get the green one now (she said she should have the blue by next weekend, so I won't have to wait too long!)

    To be honest, I was drawn to the green one after she sent me pics, but I keep seeing these pics of the blue and now I'm second guessing myself! I'm normally drawn to blue bags anyhow, so I have a feeling when I finally see the blue one, I'm gonna fall in love with it! I just thought it would be nice to have something different (I own four blue bags and only one green one, which may end up being sold soon!)

    What do you guys think of the green? For those of you who have seen the blue, which do you prefer?

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    Here's a close up of the leather and the luggage tag - this really is an amazing bag!
    I also love the lining. I'm not normally a fan of "signature" linings, but I love the suede trim and the fact that the lining is the same color as the bag!!
    (and Fendi's attempt to prevent fakes from getting into the market by using a "radio frequency ID" security tag is ingenious! More designers should use this technology!)

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    Finally, here are some modeling pics. Coincidently, I was wearing a Kelly Green Tshirt yesterday!

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  11. Great choice I luvmybags! Love the emerald green color.
    I was just checking the bag a couple days ago in my local Fendi store, and I was taken by its modern minimalism, reminding me of Celine's aesthetic. I was carrying my Celine trapeze bag and the size was very similar too.

    It is indeed a very well made bag, the suede lining feel luxurious and it is not as heavy as the Peekaboo.
  12. Congratulations!! Beautiful on you!! The shades of green really compliment each other but give a the right contrast to be interesting. I noticed that your walls are even a shade of green. Just love your bag!!

    A question for you.... What size is your bag...the medium or the large...and Do you have the dimensions?
  13. Thank you cotton!!
    I agree that the bag is very "Celine-like" which is probably why I was so drawn to it (I'm a big fan of Celine!) In fact, the larger version of this bag reminds me A LOT of the Mini Luggage. I sorta wish the entire lining was suede (I saw a suede lined peek-a-boo and it was incredible!!), but there's enough suede there and I agree about the weight!

    This is the smaller size (the Medium) -- I actually really liked the larger one because the graduated shape is more obvious, but it doesn't come with a longer shoulder strap which is one of the things I really love about this bag (the inside is different too -- whereas this one has the zippered pocket in the middle, the larger one is all one big section & it has a belt strap that runs across the center of the bag & hooks in the middle) To be honest, if I could get a larger one on sale later on (or a gently used one at a lower price!) I don't think I'd have to think twice about getting one -- I loved the larger size!

    According to the measurements I've seen, this size is approx 14 inches across & 10 inches high

    Have either of you seen the Blue one in person yet? I just wonder how the green compares? I hope she can get another one by the weekend so I can compare the two -- I want to start using this bag!!

  14. Thanks for the information as I am really considering getting the medium.

    I have seen the blue in person, and it is in gorgeous shades of blue (looks just like the model shot at

    I know it is a hard decision between colors. Just a thought here...If you do have other blue blue bags as you said, would you get use out of another blue one? If you do...than great.

    I know it is really hard to resist!! Both green and blue are beautiful, so good luck in your decision?
  15. Is this the pic you're talking about?
    I saw this in a mag ad right before I left for Neimans on Saturday -- when I had pretty much convinced myself that the green would be the better choice (for the reason you mentioned -- I already have four other blue bags!), I opened a magazine and there was a full page ad for Fendi with this picture! Needless to say, it's the reason I'm second guessing the color now! I do think this blue looks pretty amazing!!

    I think I'll know when I see them both in person, side by side. Whichever one jumps out at me will be the one I end up with --

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