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  1. #2386 Sep 28, 2017
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    authentication post belong only in the AT thread.
  2. IMG_8826.JPG Ugh, I need to stop stalking the on-line sale pages. This bag dropped last week with a 50% discount, and I had it shipped to me. I'm debating what to do now (the brown leather tag is still attached to the interior, and I haven't removed the plastic from the handles, as I'm not sure yet if I'm keeping it). I really like Fendi's multicolored studs, a studded bag was on my wish list, and I think this one matches very well with the tan Strap You I bought earlier in the year during a different sale. I also like the contrasting dark brown handles and the red interior, both for the way they look against the cream and the fact that they will not get as dirty as quickly as cream handles and interior would have. I am still a little worried about color transfer. And I literally just bought a watersnake bag bug 2jours. It seems a little extreme to keep both...
  3. It's not too extreme. This bag is made for your strap!
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  4. Haha, yes, thank you @averagejoe, that is what my inner voice is telling me, too! I have searched various styles on-line and I will confess that, apart from the tan studded 3jours which is too big for me, I can't find another bag that I think will look as nice with the strap...
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  5. Hi, does anyone knows any preloved petite 2jours (not the new leather, the old saffiano leather) in black? In case any owners want to let go? I cannot find any online T.T
  6. Try vestiare collective, I saw those there
  7. Love it! What website do you use?
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  8. Getting my morning fix with my grey mini 2jours.
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  9. My navy blue Fendi toujours! I was so happy to find her after an exhausting search! THE most beautiful bag in my opinion

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  10. Hi ladies,
    I just recently bought my very first Fendi!
    I spotted her in the sale, and it was love - this is the cutest little bag ever, and I just adore the colors on her!
    Thanks for letting me share!
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  11. 17EE7556-A7F5-45D9-BBE2-ACCAAA24B894.png 6A810E04-DDCB-4237-BCF9-E3FB9E754F48.png Hello and good evening :smile:
    Can anyone of you tell me, if this two pictures are both correct? I've never seen this label „ Fendi Roma“. Both should come from a Fendi 2Jours.
    Are there different labels in this bag?
    Thank you so much for your help!
    Greetings, Myriam
  12. I’ve been loving my Bag Bug/Monster Eyes 2Jours so much!

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  13. I have a question about the enamel bar on the small 2jour. I own a black one (new version) and the enamel is matte. I’ve noticed however that on other bags the enamel is shiny.

    Is this a sign my bag could be a fake?

    I’m not sure if this is the right thread to post this. But tia.
  14. Still one of my go-to bags after all these years!