Alexa blister......anything to worry about??

  1. Thanks Rox, I will email Rebecca tonight, she will know I have picked it up because she knew that yesterday it was an attempted delivery. I just can't believe it I really can't :sad: Not really sure what the marks are but the one to the left of the bag was instantly recognisable. Rebecca is going to think I'm the fussiest woman on the planet....
  2. Looks like you would be better off with a credit note so you can pick your own bag. Was it made in England by the way?
  3. No apparently these were all made in Turkey, yes perhaps a credit note would be better, having said that they should be checking the bags better.
  4. No - I think that's me (hehe!) - I'm really OCD with stitching (you honestly wouldn't believe...!!!:graucho:) - but the point here is that it really isn't on - we want our new purchases to be as near perfect as humanly possible - and then it is for us to give our bags their dings, dongs and lived-in patina - if it was vintage - well of course ones allows for annomalies - but with new bags, this really isn't on!!!!...hope you get this sorted double-quick - and, they can replace with ANOTHER (third time lucky and all that!) - but maybe they could email you some piccies of it first!...:tup::yes::thinking:
  5. Oh noooo :sad: really feel for you...I really do hope Rebecca sorts is and sat... You've been long enough without your Lexie... :sad: should def have been perfect, fingers crossed for you xxx
  6. I don't think your being fussy at all DP, I am
    Currently experiencing a massive farce (in my opinion at least) with Mulberry quality and am just fed up dealing with them at the moment. I think your best option is to take a voucher and pick something out yourself. What a shame they don't seem to think high quality is important in bags costing upwards of £500.
  7. Thanks Rox, I think I need to choose the next one.....
  8. Thanks Shiny, yes I've really missed using my Lexy, just want to use one again....
  9. I know!! Sorry to hear you are suffering with quality issues as well, have you a thread on here about it? It's such a shame because this one other than the marks is really nice, not as slouchy and the leather smells lush.
  10. You are not being fussy at all and they have to appreciate that if you are buying unseen, if you spot a mark you have every right to be annoyed and ask for an exchange!

    Personally I think they should exchange and give you a goodwill credit note for the hassle you've had
  11. Yep - would prob be best - but where was it from originally? - M-com or HoF?...
  12. Originally from Hoopers. Have sent Rebecca an email, will see what she replies tomorrow. Feel really disheartened by it.................but it is only a bag :smile:
  13. Thanks Somerset, I have sent an email stating that I'm not happy so let's wait and see. I do consider myself a good customer to Mulberry and did recently make a vow not to buy any other brands but I must admit I am tempted.....:smile:
  14. Oh sweetie - try to keep your pecker up....I am sure something positive can be sorted - and hopefully you will be able to go and actually chose an acceptable alternative - it would be great if they could at least source a couple you could chose from.....finger's x'd.....but no wonder you are upset - I would be same:hugs:x
  15. I hope they will be able to sort or out for you. I am having the same issue and it's very disheartening. Fingers crossed that the perfect bag is your next one :smile: third time lucky right?