Alexa blister......anything to worry about??

  1. Evening ladies,

    I took Alexa out today fo the first time. She has had her spray so it was all systems go.....had a lovely day shopping but when we got home and I was inspecting her I noticed this

    003 (5).JPG

    should I be worried about the blistering or am I being uber fussy??
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    003 (5).JPG
  3. 004 (3).JPG

    What do you ladies think?
  4. I would be dubious to be honest. It looks like it could bubble and crack. I'd be exchanging thr bag for another. Hope that helps xx
  5. Hmmm I thought that might be the answer I'd get.........will wait for a few more opinions but I think the same as you it could crack and open up. Thanks
  6. Mmmm looks like a scuff, I'd exchange it to!
  7. I would exchange, I had a similar mark on one of my Alexa's and the store were more than happy to swap it out.

    Let us know what you decide to do :smile:
  8. Hi DesignPurchaser - oooh! - that doesn't look too hot after one day's outing - has the leather actually lifted? - if you rub your finger across the affected area, does it sort of crinkle up as if the upper layer of leather has detached - if so, I reckon you should take it up with Mulberry - that really shouldn't happen - good luck and keep us posted!...:smile:...
  9. I'm going to contact the store I got it from tomorrow and see what they say and if I'm not happy with what they say I shall contact the lady that has been mentioned on this forum at Mulberry. Thanks, will let you know what they say.
  10. Looks like a blister, as Roxaholic suggests, does it wrinkle if you gently rub your finger over it? If the shop don't give you a satisfactory response, contact one of the following:
    Rebecca Groom: Customer Solutions Supervisor or Sarah-Jayne Cooper:
    Customer Solutions Administrator

    Mulberry Design Ltd
    The Rookery
    Chilcompton, Somerset BA3 4EH

    Tel *+44 (0)1761 234 212
    Fax +44 (0)1761 233 436

  11. I've tried to rub my finger over it but it's in an awkward place (just under the plaited strap) so I can't really determine if it wrinkles or not. Thank you very much for the info, I thought I remembered the lady's name as Rebecca but you have saved me searching.:woot:
  12. I'm bumping this for some info on here that will hopefully help someone...
  13. Thanks for thinking of me, I am going to note these down x
  14. You're welcome let me know how you get on :smile:
  15. Just thought I would update this thread....I received an email from Rebecca today and my Alexa is going to be replaced with a new one and sent out to me next week. Slightly concerned that I won't love the new one as much as I did the one I sent to HQ but will have to see....:thinking: