Alexa blister......anything to worry about??

  1. That's what they say third time lucky and let's face it if I don't get it right third time lucky it's not meant to be....:biggrin:
  2. Yes Mabel is a shimmering shimmy of shimmerness :biggrin:
  3. Yes haha
  4. Seeing as Rox has had such a delightful ending to her Mitchell saga I thought I would update my saga with my Alexa. So the story so far is that I was offered by Rebecca one of two things..either a replacement at my local concession or a full refund. Well as far as I am concerned a full refund has never really entered the equation as the bag I bought is the bag I would like to have..............eventually!! OK I received an email from Rebecca to say that she would arrange for TWO Alexas to be at my local concession so that I could choose one of them. OK fair enough I thought as one of them must be a suitable replacement. So anyway of I toddled this wednesday happily after my holiday as I had been looking forward to getting a usable Alexa. I bought her in May and haven't been able to use her very much for the last four months as she was at Head Office for some of that time awaiting assessment. Anyway to cut to the quick. I went to my local concession only for the delightful SA to tell me that there wasn't any put to one side for me to look at. She went out the back three times and couldn't find anything :tdown: She then looked in another cupboard and found only one, my heart dropped and I was praying that it would be ok...........guess what?? It wasn't, the leather on the shoulder was all crumpled. My heart sank, no carrying of Alexa for me then...Anyway then she went out the back one more time and came back with TWO bags!! YEY I thought...guess what??!! One has scratches on the hip and one had white dots on the front. The SA was really apologetic which I obviously accepted but with a real feeling of despair after telling her that it wasn't her fault that it was the fault of the people who send them out I asked what should we do now then? She said she would re-order another two bags and they should be in next week. I so hope there will be a lovely one in the next arrivals, I'm beginning to think I am not destined for an Alexa.

    I am just wondering why these bags are not checked more thoroughly before they are sent out? My OH has lost ALL faith in Mulberry bags and says they are a waste of money. He doesn't think the quality and craftmanship is what it should be for a high end brand. I can confidently say he will not be buying me any more Mulberrys in the future due to this saga. I just hope like as in Rox's saga there is a positive outcome which will hopefully restore his (and mine) confidence in the brand again. Sorry to be a damp squid on this thread girls but I'm fed up with it :sad:
  5. DP hun - hold on in there gal!......good things come to those who wait, and all that malarkey......but it is pretty ridiculous isn't it - and we seem to be flogging a dead horse somewhat with all our recent discussions re: Mulberry's (most questionable!) Quality Control - I REALLY. DON'T. GET. IT. - what is the problem here - for me it is black and white - If faulty (and in a high end bag, there really shouldn't be ANY faults) - it just shouldn't be passed as perfect (other than as a second of course - clearly marked so - and only for the discount Outlets)......

    If I were you, when you do get to see more "alternatives" next week - best to take a magnifying glass (or your reading specs, in my case!) and REALLY make sure they are A1 - and if not - get yourself a refund, Missus (plus, as we said the other day - something extra as recompense!!!!) - and maybe go for an alternative - and one which you can see irl ideally before you commit!!! :biggrin:Best of luck and keep us posted!!!.....
  6. Thanks Rox. Their quality control is very dubious. I know something, they wouldn't want me as their quality control advisor as every single bag that got sent out would be immaculate, but then saying that they would probably lose a lot of moneyand go out of business! Praps best I keep this side of the fence! I have considered an alternative but as the Alexa is such an iconic bag that is the one I wanted. I do have my patent leopard Alexa but the Oak is so much more of an everyday bag....Thanks for your support hun :biggrin:
  7. Gosh that Tilly I saw today that I mentioned to you earlier..... she was a cracker (and an interesting shade of deep pink/crimson tdf that made me think of you!)......should've taken a piccie for you.....but was on best behaviour seeing as they were being soooooo nice to me!:graucho:
  8. ....and thinking out loud.......fussy beasts like us would be Mulberry QC's ultimate nightmare employees - I fear NOTHING would pass our most rigorous standards......but I SO get where you're coming from as I am totally OCD about stitching/detail sometimes that it actually scares me!!!!!:cray: (and I had forgotten my specs today at Shepton so you can imagine my frustration as I was unable to put the magnifier over dear Rio Rox etc.!!!!!:giggles:
  9. Yes you should defo have taken a pic and sent it to me, in fact I'm now wondering if I saw it last week. Was it bubbly? You know that sort of leather that is like that? :biggrin:
  10. You forgot your specs.....? You won't need them, Rio Roxy will be beautiful, it was meant to be :flowers: :balloon: :presents
  11. Yes - very bubbly (like misshapen bubble wrap - wrong analogy really - but you get what I mean?) - a little like those plonge lambskin(?) Leahs on the piccy thread the other day (!?).......but it was thick and lush and had a nice weight to it...and a tactile solid thick leather carry handle (thought the Tillies had a long strap too? - but as you know I am hopeless beyond belief with most of the newer bags - it could be a Yeti in disguise for all I know (hehe!!)....:graucho:
  12. Ahhh hun - you are so sweet!:hugs:.....
  13. :hugs:
  14. I saw it hun, loved the colour, didn't like the leather, as I've said before I'm a fussy so an so, also those Tillie fasteners are so shiny and will get soooo scratched. Fab colour though :biggrin: I saw the new pink, which I thought I would love wednesday, too shiny, too pink, ewwwww
  15. Know what you mean - I actually surprised myself - but it was pristine (at least I think so - I was minus specs of course!) and you are right, the hardware will undoubtedly scratch like billio and one would have to baby it to a ludicrous