A pretty name for a girl..

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  1. Congrats to the expecting mothers : )

    I like jade ...but that is becoming common .....All that i ask is dont name them nothing crazy like "water " or "audio"...lol
  2. Congrats!

    When I was pregnant, we never found out what gender the baby was becuase every ultrasound, was not visable. We ended up having a boy and named him Mark Steven III. But the girl name we picked out was Heidi Paige.
  3. Congrats! My god daughters name is Jazmyn Skye and i absolutely love it. My name is Natise and i always wanted to name my daughter Natalie ( I adore "N" names). I also like Nia, Nina, Niko, and Sydney
  4. Ciara, Tristan, Christa, Kristy, Dakota,
    Emma, Georgia, Heather, Justine, Jayline, Krystn, Kellie, Laney, Lillianah, Lacey, Morgan, Nikole, Natalie, Natasha, Reese, Raylene, Stacey ( Lol), Summer, Tyler......
    I have like a ton coming to mind- depends on if you like unusual, or plain?
  5. Wow~ so many beautiful names. It's so hard to decide.
    I kinda like Chloe, Olivia, Karis, Natise sounds unique but I like.. Berkeley is nice too.
    I don't want her to have popular name like Jennifer, Jessica 10 yrs from now.
  6. Congrats...A little girl...how wonderful!

    I love the name Zoey, and Mimi

    My all time favorites!
  7. You guys have made me want to have lots of little girls so I can use all these great names!! Watch, now I'll only have boys :smile:

    I guess if I have a girl she can have, say, 50 names? Haha...

    Good like choosing maxmara!
  8. Congratulations. There are so many beautiful names out there.\
    I had a few names picked before my duaghter was born and was all set to name her Morgan Elizabeth. I thought she would have dark hair like her brother and in the delivery room she was all blond and Morgan did not seem to fit her so we named her Jillian Marie which I feel is perfect. I also like the name Hailey, Ciara, Jiavonna, Chantal and Jillianna. Eventually the name will come to you and you will know what feels right. Best of luck.
  9. I've remembered my other favourite girl's name - Holly!

    Finally! Phew.
  10. Yeah thanks.. I hope it will come to me when it's time. It's funny when my little boy was born.. we had his name picked out within a month and it seemed so easy but this time it's harder than I thought:P
  11. I like Sylvie -- it is a bit unique. But I also like Merrill -- I like a bit of a stronger name that can't easily be made into a diminutive. My blood still curdles any time some one callls me Debbie or Deb. But that's just me. . .
  12. Congratulations! There are so many pretty names out there. If I ever have a girl (due to immaculate conception or something like that) we'd name her Melita. I love all the suggestions so far though.
  13. Congrats to you and BB!

    My fave names: Fanny, Xenia, Julia, Hannah, Amelie.
  14. and -

    Congratulations Ladies!

    I cant wait to be a mom someday [sigh].
  15. Congratulations!

    You will know which name you want for her soon enough!!!

    Katie Lynn, Krista Ann, Sarah Elizabeth, Julia Rose...I love any name that can't be shortened and isn't so long they can't learn to write it quickly!