A pretty name for a girl..


Dec 17, 2005
Well, I found out that I will be having a girl. Now, I need a name for her. I honestly didn't think of girls names because I thought it would be a boy. any suggestions.. on a girl with a pretty middle name?
There are so many factors involved with choosing a name. We had the same problem. My hubby and I wanted to make sure it flowed with our last name. Her initials were a factor, so was the fact that we wanted her to be able to have a nickname.

We went through names in a name book and narrowed it down. It took us months though.

Congrats on your little girl! They are so much fun!

My girl is named Emma Catherine. I just found out yesterday that I'm prego again (# 4, and oldest is 5 :smile: ). I love AnneMarie, Caroline, Sarah, and Olivia. I also am liking Avery and Sophie.