A pretty name for a girl..

  1. Well, I found out that I will be having a girl. Now, I need a name for her. I honestly didn't think of girls names because I thought it would be a boy. any suggestions.. on a girl with a pretty middle name?
  2. I like Olivia and Bryn.

    When are you due?
    Any thoughts on what you want her initials to be?
  3. There are so many factors involved with choosing a name. We had the same problem. My hubby and I wanted to make sure it flowed with our last name. Her initials were a factor, so was the fact that we wanted her to be able to have a nickname.

    We went through names in a name book and narrowed it down. It took us months though.

    Congrats on your little girl! They are so much fun!
  4. congratulations!!

    i like the name giselle or amelia.
  5. Congratulations!!! I love the names, Isabella, Stella, Elle and Emma. I can't think of any middle names right now, but I'll let you know.
  6. I like Eleanor, Genevieve, Brenna, Caitlyn... I'm kind of traditional.
  7. Congratulations !!! I like, Angelique, Brooke, Madison,and Catherine.

    Good luck !
  8. Congrats!! I love the name Caroline, I like Isabella and Rachel too and my exotic pic is Sanaa. Congrats again!!!!
  9. I like Meghan and Spencer..I'm also fond of Bailey and Josephine
  10. Congrats.... I like these names: Misha, Adison, Jacqueline
  11. Congrats!!!

    My girl is named Emma Catherine. I just found out yesterday that I'm prego again (# 4, and oldest is 5 :smile: ). I love AnneMarie, Caroline, Sarah, and Olivia. I also am liking Avery and Sophie.
  12. How about Klara (LV), Sophia (MJ) or Kelly (Hermes)?:lol: :lol: :lol:

    I actually like all of those names.:smile:
  13. ^^^ funny. :lol:
  14. Congrats to you both!!! So exciting. I can't even get FH to think about kids yet.
  15. I've always loved Emma and Josephine