A pretty name for a girl..

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  1. Congrats to you and BorsaBella!

    I like Sienna and my DD's name is Laura Kiana.
  2. I love the name Elena, Sierra, Chloe, Violet... so many names... hopefully, I will have a girl someday. :love:
  3. I don't have advice on what to name your little girl, but congratulations! How exciting for you. I do have advice on what *not* to name your little girl-lol basically the most popular names that people on this thread have said: Emma (damn "Friends" for making that name popular because it is such a cute name), Isabella, Madison, etc. There are so many kids under the age of six with those names, it's this generation's Jessica & Jennifer. One of the little girls I babysit for has three Emmas and two Madisons in her class. How crazy is that?

    There are some great baby naming sites out there, take a look at them.
  4. Congratulations... so excited for you.
    I love the names Gabriel or Franke for a girl....but my husband was so resistant that we ended up with our "Zoe"
  5. congratulations! my personal favorite is Amelia Grace, but i also love Amara and Stella
  6. aww congratulations! a new baby girl. :smile: i've always liked isabella and juliette. :smile:
  7. ^^^^ROFL!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    i think that website might be the greatest thing i've read in a long long time.
  8. I think Ada is a beutiful name. I also like Jane, Laura and Emma :biggrin:
  9. congratulations!! my goddaughter's name is emmanuelle grace...so pretty...we call her emma. it seems like a lot of people like the name emma. i didin't know it was that popular.

  10. WEIRD! I have a 25 year old cousin named Berkley, I've never known of another!
  11. Names are so personal.

    I named my daughter Salinger Olivia.
    SHE named our second child Henry Silas.

    The girl name I really wanted to use, but didn't get to because I had a boy was Iris.
    I think Iris is a great name.
    The child could end up being a Nobel Prize winner or an Artist and the name would still be well suited.

    Naming is so much fun!
  12. I like my name (Erin) and my sister's name (Allison)...they are not really that common anymore, but are still cool names, imho. My sister's daughter is Maia (the Greek spelling for "maya") and if they have another girl, they are going to name her Madeleine.

    Some of our friends/family have named their daughters: Skye, Adonna, Ava, Eva, Lauren, Victoria, Athena, Nadia, Jade, Caitlin, Elizabeth, and Khaya (pronounced Kai-yah...in the Zulu language it means "home").
  13. Oh yes! Madeleine! I also liked Ruby and Lorelei.
    My mom wanted to name me Zarah, but my Dad thought it was too "weird". Too bad, it's cute.
    Maia is our cats name!
    I recently told my 5 year old that if we hadn't have gotten a cat a couple of years before having her, she probably would have been Maia!.
  14. names i like: elizabeth, jazmine, natasha, natalia, kaylynn, emma, adrienne, nicole.

    congrats to you!
    i recently had my baby girl.
    babies are such a blessing. :smile: