A pretty name for a girl..

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  1. Congratulations !!!!
  2. congrats!

    i like chloe, isabella, charlotte, and ava (my fav)
  3. If I had a Girl I was thinking of: Chloe, Harley, Madison, Ella.

  4. My favorite names for girls are:

    Hailie Jade
    Faline Alicen ("Faline" is the name of the female deer in the Disney movie, "Bambi." "Alicen" is a different way of spelling "Allison")
    Jessilyn (need a middle name. It's pronounced kind of like "Jocelyn," but wuith a "jess" sound instead of a "joss" sound).
  5. I always loved Caroline. I love old fashioned names like Phoebe and Elizabeth or Prudence. Or strong names like Josephine and Alexandra or Marie. Don't make it too cutesy. Remember, she'll be an adult one day. Give her a dignified name! =)

    Good luck and congrats on your baby! Maybe you can wait until you see her to name her. Or do they let you do that?
  6. I like Julianne, Meghan (my daughter's name), Emma (the name she pretends to be-lol), and I think Addyson is too cute but not traditional.
  7. Congrats! I like Kayla and Alyssa. I hope I have 2 girls so I can name them those names :P
  8. Congrats - girls are so much fun! If I had another girl, I would name her Piper. I just LOVE that name. Usually I am not fond of names that sound like verbs...I like Harper, too.
  9. Congratulations!!
  10. I am in LOVE with the name Leila.
  11. CONGRATZ!!!! :nuts:
    Jennifer Ashley
    Rose Sarah :shame: that's my name! my daddy's choice(it means Rose Princess! :P)
  12. Congratulations!! Hmm, girls names. I always like Chloe for a girl's name. Jordan, also, like Jordan from The Great Gatsby.
  13. Congrats! I've always had a preference towards having daughters than sons actually. ;p

    I like :

  14. congratulations!!!

    my husband has vetoed all the girls names i like (not that we even want babies yet!), but maybe one will work for you:

    vivian (my absolute favorite name...i will win my hubby over eventually!)
    lillian, lilly
    julie, juliette/juliet, julianna
    emma (my sister's name)
    emily, emmaleigh (although i can't imagine saddling a five year old with this spelling. but it's so pretty!)
    tara, taryn
    genivieve (but the french pronunciation jon-vee-ev...the j is soft, like in j'taime.)
    elizabeth, ilsabeth, elisabeth (family middle name)
    katherine, catherine, katie
    isobel, isabelle, belle, elle, bella, ella etc.

    my favorite middle names are elizabeth and grace. they go with almost anything and are very classy. :smile:

    i like looking in kids books for name ideas...remember when you were little and found a main character with your name, how cool it was? but i was also kind of a geeky kid (heck i'm a geeky adult!) and got very excited about books. :smile:

    getting a good baby names book and bringing it to the hospital with you is also a good idea. you might not know what her name should be until you meet her!! congratulations again!
  15. alyssa skye...