A pretty name for a girl..

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  1. Belle is French for beautiful and bella is Italian for beautiful. Darn those romance languages;)

    Oh and that's another big thing. Make sure whatever name you pick for your baby -you can pronounce it. I think it's hilarious that the actress Samaire Armstrong's parents gave her that name, but didn't realize they were pronoucing it incorrectly. The correction pronounciation Sah-mee-rah and they were saying it Sam-air. Very important lesson there.
  2. ^^^Thanks for clearing that up. I also agree with your other comment. Kind of silly to pick a name even you don't know how to pronounce.
  3. How about Skylar?
  4. sry about the belle/bella thing-I wish they weren't so close I'm always getting them confused!
  5. Ugh, my name is Kelly.
    I hate it.
    I usually go by the middle name, Winona.
  6. OH!! I thought I should share this!!

    I met a lady who was calling her son
    "joah" and I thought, "oh like noah"


    The woman told me it was short for JOAH-KIN.

    It took me a moment but I realized she meant Joaquin.

    Holy crap! This poor kid, I hope she starts calling him Joaquin and stops with the JOAH-KIn!!

    Sort of funny, sort of horrible.
  7. I think it's ree-an-non.;)