2020 resolution - shopping my own bag and wallet collection. Any one else?

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Jul 2, 2008
Your Chanel brooch is incredible. Amazing that you found it in a consignment shop.

I love that we're all pulling out our brooches… even if we don't have anywhere to go!!! :party:
Thank you Elaine.
Thank you. :flowers: I was so excited to find it in a consignment shop, years and year and YEARS ago!
You have an eye for finding treasures!


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Aug 14, 2006
The Beauty Bar
OT, but a couple of months ago (and on the advice of my dentist's office manager, who is sanitizing EVERYTHING) I invested in a UV-C sanitizer. It sits just inside the front door. We just toss everything into it when we get home: glasses, wallets, phones, car keys…

In 10 minutes, everything is sanitized. And no need to wipe anything down. :clap:
Thank you, I'll look into this!
For @essiedub … this is the Trifari brooch I was talking about. The crown was their emblem, though they also made other designs. This piece was, I believe, from the 1940s. I think the company stayed in business through the 1990s, but by then they had been acquired by another of the costume jewelry companies. And then eventually they went pfffft.

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Wow this is beautiful! :love:
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