2020 resolution - shopping my own bag and wallet collection. Any one else?

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  1. WOW! We’re entering a new decade, and it feels so surreal!

    For those who have been part of this thread since the beginning, so much has changed since my original goal to stop buying more, and simply enjoy what I already owned. My first couple years were terrible fails but I also had successes - thank you, to all who supported me over the years, and continue to do so even though my posts have been sporadic over the last couple of years. I say this every year, but I’m so thankful that this thread has turned into a community of positive support for everyone that’s a part of it, whether it’s just to say hi, or get into the spirit of shopping less, or just fine tuning our collections; it’s been a real pleasure having old and new members ❤️

    For 2020, I’m truly trying to go for a no shop year except to replace staple wardrobe items. I’ve spent 2019 without spending any money on bags (although I was gifted a couple) and only purchased one SLG. 2019 was also the first year I’ve ever been able to stay within my yearly clothing budget and I feel so content that I’m ready to ‘go for the gold’! Most of what I purchased in 2019 were items to replace what was getting worn out or gaps in my wardrobe - while I’m allowing myself to replace items, I don’t foresee I’ll be doing too much of it except for a pair of black work flats which I’m not in a rush to replace until I find the right pair, along with a pair of blue jeans (which for the last couple of months I’ve just been trying to wear something else and it seems to be working ok).

    Again, I’ll have a no spend year for bags and SLGs and in fact, this year my goal is to SELL and start to offload my collection. I’ve spent the last couple months of 2019 being able to just carry a large pouch or crossbody for work, or totes and backpacks at the start of the week when I lug my gym stuff to work. I’m enjoying the freedom of bringing less with me and don’t see a need for a lot of my bigger bags. This will be a slow process but hey, we all gotta start somewhere!

    Wishing everyone a fantastic year and decade ahead with all your endeavours in life ❤️

    What are your goals this year? Bag related, or otherwise.
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  2. This years goal is to keep the size of my regular handbags under 40 bags, that doesn't include travel or gym bags. I have quite a few contemporary bags as well as some premier. I am under that amount now but I must stay there. I am enjoying all the open space in the shelves. I also want to work on my wardrobe. I hate clothing shopping and I am in true need of some nice clothes but I don't want to end up with a closet full of junk . So I am going to work on making good choices there and getting rid of what doesn't work.
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    I can't say I 'failed' last year but I bought 3 bags rather than my 1 bag per year. Still, 2 were unmissable so I'm not going to get upset with myself. I didn't sell enough (although I did move some RTW that was long overdue).

    I'd like to sell a few more bags in 2020. Nothing major, nothing designer, nothing that's going to make me much money, just some bags that need a more loving home, I just have too many.

    Possible additions:
    This immediately breaks my usual rule but if I can buy a Gucci natural python 1955 shoulder bag (if influencers/celebs haven't spoiled the bag for me before then) the black python Gucci Dionysus with the blue enamel buckle that was also on the SS/AW2020 catwalk. Then there's the lizard Dionysus... OK, I'll shut-up now.

    Prob. no more Hermes bags for a while because I love my H collection ATM.
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  4. Hello! I've been missing since a bit before my daughter was born back in April. I can't believe she's 8 months old now. Time truly flies. I have been home with her this entire time, and was in school for a few months before that, so I've spent so much time shopping. This was truly an incredible year with purchases and I will never repeat it again. I sold 8 H bags, some of which I purchased just this year, and picked up 4. I also bought 2 Chanel bags and my first 5 pieces of VCA jewelry, which I'm able to wear almost everyday. I also got my first 5 Chanel jackets, one vintage and 2 on sale, and a number of pairs of shoes.

    Moving forward I've decided to buy nearly all of my clothing and shoes from ethical and sustainable brands, or used. I will make an exception whenever I find an exceptional piece, but that will be for a maximum of 6 items per year. Once I find a job, I'll be looking at places like Everlane for any additional work items I need. I'm not 100% decided on what to do about H bags. I think that if I receive the right offers, I will still get them. I am most interested in their scarves right now, but will have to thoughtfully add to my scarf collection.

    I listed 6 pairs of shoes for sale a few weeks ago and have already sold 3 pairs. I'll continue to sell as I discover what I'm not using and loving in my collection.

    I think my biggest resolution is to not feel guilty about what I'm buying, which means buying less than I do right now. I have never done well sticking to a budget, but I want to try to do that once I find the right job and figure out the lifestyle that makes sense for our family. I also want to stay present in this thread, even if I'm not caught up on every post because things move so quickly here! Happy to be back!
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  5. Welcome back!
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  6. Thank you! Happy to be back!
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    I did well last year and met my goals. So this year it’s continued focus on buying mindfully as I continue to add my collection.

    1. Sell 2 bags
    2. Buy no more than 4 bags and 1 SLG
    3. 100% success rate on purchases
    4. Wear my least used bags at least 10 times each:
    • Dior Ltd Ed. Cream & Gold Diorama
    • Chanel Dark Grey Lamb Jumbo Flap
    • Dior Silver Microcannage Diorama
    • Chanel 13c Red Lamb Jumbo Flap

    Wishing each of you a great bag year in 2020!
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  8. Welcome back and congrats on your baby!
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  9. Thank you!!
  10. Congrats! I'm also a newish mom and the guilt thing is real!

    My goals in 2020:
    - sell at least 2 bags
    - use all my existing bags
    - only buy a bag if goal 1 is reached
    - focus on building retirement and college funds instead of frivolity
    - spend less than $700 on frivolous items for the entire year, although I will not count spending what I make via sales since technically I spent that money previously already
    - every time I have an urge to buy something frivolous, put $50 into a charity jar instead and donate that at the end of the year
    - focus on one in one out, not adding net new

    Good luck everyone. We can do this!
  11. Wow. This is a truly lofty goal!! I am so impressed. Congrats on your little one as well
  12. Trying to set a lofty goal so that I have to really think about everything I want to buy (and sell) instead of impulse buying. It's less about the money and more about breaking bad habits. Also dont want my girl to see that I'm out of control with spending when she grows up, hahaha.
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    I bought several more bags than I had planned to in 2019, but I have no regrets. I love them all. I did meet my goal of rotating bags much more frequently.

    2020 goals:
    - Buy fewer bags (I’ll allow one per quarter, max. But, I will shoot for less!)
    - Continue rotating my bags every two days
    - Read more books! (I have two tall stacks on my nightstand, plus more on my Kindle, to read. It will be fun! :lol:)

    Let’s conquer 2020!
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  14. I like your idea of money in the jar. :tup: I’ll have to adopt that idea in some modified way.
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  15. I don't have very defined goals for 2020.
    I'm fairly happy with what I did during 2019.
    6 bags in, 5 bags out.
    53 SLGs out (I have a huge purse charm collection), 10 SLGs in.
    I'd be happy if I continued doing the same.
    I did keep track of my wear during 2019. I don't think there were many surprises, although I think I carried some purses because I could see they hadn't been carried in awhile. The purses that got most carried were generally the ones that were newest in my collection. I think there are at least 10 purses that I could lose without missing them, but I can't see selling them since they would bring in so little. So at this point, I don't have any plans to get rid of them. I have 4 purses and several SLGs for sale. I'm continuing to pare down my purse charm collection.

    There are still a few purses I want to add. I would like a fuchsia purse. I wouldn't mind another Bottega Veneta cervo bag or a Balenciaga in a pretty color. I'm planning on buying a Gucci Disco in red some time during the year. I really wish they made it in fuchsia since I already have a small red purse I love.