Zippy Wallet or Pochette Wallet?

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  1. I am trying to decided on a wallet.. and looking for feedback .. how do you like the wallets below? any feedback would be great thanks so much!




  2. I don't have either, but I'm planning on eventually getting the pochette! It seems on here, that it is like a speedy, a must have!
  3. I like the zippy better
  4. I personally like the zippy better. I would feel like it is more secure.
  5. zippy gets my vote!
  6. now for my next question... I am thinking about getting the Galliera PM it is the monogram print would you want to match exactly or get the mulitcolore print ?? thats my other thing I cant decide on
  7. I love the ZIPPY .... :yes:

    IMO, it secures your stuff better and is more organized.
  8. Hey Amber, I just purchased a Galliera PM and I plan to use my Black MC Pochette Wallet with it. I got the wallet a couple of weeks ago and it is so pretty and practical. Definitely flashy though. If you don't like flashy, I would suggest the Mono Pochette. I have a Vernis Zippy and the zipper is tarnishing plus it annoys me to zip and unzip the darn thing. It's beautiful but I don't use it as much as my other LV wallets.
  9. zippy wallet looks more glam =)
  10. Zippy, zippy, zippy!
  11. I like the Zippy better.
  12. I was debating between these two last year and ended with a Mono Pochette. It's the best wallet I've ever used. It's ok to have a Mono wallet with a Mono bag too.
  13. I am a big advocate for the pochette wallet. I have it and absolutely love it! It helps keep my life organized and my wallet
  14. I bought the zippy for my daughter less than a year ago and it is the worst purchase I've ever made to be honest. The zipper has turned entirely silver. I was terribly disappointed for a wallet that was 600 to turn so quickly. My sales assistant told me the zipper on the zippy is just coated metal, not even brass like a speedy zipper, and that they will all turn silver in time with enough use. The manager confirmed it. So basically, you have a very expensive wallet with a very cheap zipper that will turn. My daughter still uses her wallet, but I don't like the look of a tarnished silver zipper against beautiful Monogram canvas, especially when it is such an expensive wallet. It upsets me every time I see her use the wallet and I feel bad I spent so much on something with such a shoddy zipper. It's disappointing to me that Louis cut corners on the zipper, especially since I really like the design. I would never buy it again. I do like the pochette very much. It's a gorgeous wallet that will look beautiful for many, many years and I recommend it completely!
  15. I have both a Zippy in azur and Pochette wallet. I like the zippy but I love the pochette wallet. When I 'm in a hurry the zipper drives me crazy.