Your Hermes in action!

  1. Finally some beach time!
  2. IMG_1780.JPG My baby and I :heart: Thanks for letting me share :flowers:
  3. My last two outfits from my one-bag trip to Vegas. Ugh...I'll be so happy to put the dust cover back on and put her back to rest in her box. It's been more daily wear than I wanted to, but my B30 was a pretty versatile bag for a last minute vacation ...especially in trench. I think if I travel with her again, ill definitely have a bag liner to support the extra weight.

    Casual comfy day after too many days on my feet.

    Lighting stinks since it's dark outside. On the way to the airport. Also wearing my Clic H bracelet and 'douchey' H belt ( hehe...see the belt thread). It's cold at the my boots and jeans lighten my suitcase

    As I'm waiting on my final leg home in Chicago...changed out my Twillys.
  4. Baby B with new Rodeo charm IMG_1500231556.743278.jpg
  5. What a perfect Lindy!
  6. savana dance in action..
  7. thank you lvchanellvr :smile:
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  8. Gorgeous blue on your bag. Xx
  9. I can't stop staring at my new bracelet. It will match all of my bags. I think I'll eventually need something with rose gold hardware. (Gris tourtourelle)

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  10. Beautiful combination! Was this the Cartier bracelet you bought in Paris for a special anniversary?
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  11. Oops double post
  12. Wow, I LOVE your bracelet Pocketbook Pup! Is it Cartier?! Looks gorgeous with your Kelly:heart:
  13. Thank you! Yes it's my trinity bracelet a few months early for my 50th birthday
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  14. Ah, I was close! It's beautiful! I remember there was a lovely story behind it about falling in love with it years ago, and finally being able to buy it for this milestone bday!
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