Your Hermes in action!

  1. Gina!!
    Wow- you look amazing
    Aren't we having tremendous weather, homegirl?
    Thought of you yesterday when I was at H--
    I know I keep missing the get-togethers but pm me if you do any soon-
    ChiTown is in Europe now, I think
    (I'm jelly)
    Again you look so elegant - your 25cm is perfection with the dress
    Huge hugs my beautiful friend
    PS the VCA is pretty nice too
    PSS what are the shoes?? Love those too
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  2. IMG_1500150426.644502.jpg
    Funny how all of action pictures are paired with Starbucks
  3. Colvert Kelly and Savana dance 70 worn casual. Hermes bracelets

  4. Toffee Birkin 35
    Chanel skirt
    Louboutin sandals
    It's a beautiful day in the city today IMG_1500153557.678882.jpg IMG_1500153568.801133.jpg IMG_1500153578.923220.jpg
  5. Thank u!!!!
  6. My Evelyne in Central Park today. Blue agate looks so pretty against these yellow flowers! IMG_1500171905.166744.jpg
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  7. IMG_1500183973.438480.jpg

    With my L30 blue nuit, going out to pick up something from H store
  8. Gorgeous! I love picos, and your jacket is lovely - may I ask what brand it is?
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  9. This is from Zara... kids department!! I am so petite that I can wear my 11 year old DD jacket that I bought for her, but she refuses to wear
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  10. Ooh the blue agate looks so different!
  11. Thank you for sharing! That's VERY practical The jacket is so sweet, I Wish I could do that! Maybe kids department is where I should shop for perfect style Just love this.
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  12. Out shopping with picotin in rg IMAG5144.jpg IMAG5138.jpg
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  13. It's such a chameleon in different lighting!
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