Your Hermes in action!

  1. That's so sweet of you, thank you but I really don't! I normally just edit my photos to chop my head off but couldn't do it without losing the Louvre :lol:
  2. i really like the cute lemon charm on your bag- it matches your scarf perfectly!
  3. Perfect summer!
  4. Why, thank you Powder Puff!
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  5. soon to be in Action:
    Jige Indigo, Loop earrings, Picnic bracelets and white mules-perfect with a sale Balenciaga dress

  6. IMG_9970.JPG
    With my new kicks and Miss Rose Confetti out for breakfast today!
  7. Love the bag and shoes! So matchy matchy in pink!
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  8. Love everything in this photo. Super cute outfit! Can't wait to see it in action. :smile:
  9. Last minute girls trip to Vegas. I only packed my B30 in trench and it has been pretty versatile so far. Was really wishing I had a Jige. Between those two, it's all I would need on vacation.

    Dinner with the girls
    (This was a repeat from my date night a few weeks ago)

    Daytime shopping

    Fun night out. (This is where I wish I had a Jige, but I'll survive )
  10. I love that it sort of changes colors with the lighting, and with your outfit :heart:
  11. Haven't posted in a while...
    Going out to a party, wearing my VCAs and taking B25 anemone out.
  12. You look lovely. Nice to see you post. (This dispels the idea that you can't wear a ten station with a v neck. It's perfect.)
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  13. Wow! 1 bag and you did it so well! Great travelling companion! It goes with everything!
  14. IMG_1500140802.875986.jpg

    My latest going-in-action photos!
  15. You and your Birkin look gorgeous :smile:
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