Your Goyards About Town and In Action

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  1. I'm 4'11", so pretty tiny. The Fidji is like a large hobo for me, and the St. Louis PM fits me as a large tote. The St. Louis absolutely fits more, but, as per your concern, it does tend to (try to) slide off my shoulder especially when I'm wearing a thick coat. If I don't have much in it, sliding is not a problem. On the other hand, the Fidji barely slides; I've only encountered this when I've stuffed it so it's quite round (usually with clothes; I don't do this often, don't fret!).

    As for your question about A4 notebooks, I'm not sure of their size...If I'm not mistaken, they're longer and narrower than American notebooks. I have a few Clairefontaine notebooks that are longer and narrower than an American spiral notebook, and they fit. I hope this helps, sw0pp!
  2. thanks pingloss33:smile: yes and I also have an orange one (well between me and my sisters we have black, navy blue, tan, red, orange and pink) my fav is pink but it belongs to my older sis who's in University in Halifax and obviously took that masterpiece with her haha. has white and gold stripes and "G" monogram for our last name

    annalcg thanks!! you're so sweet and know soo much about goyard it's crazy! those pics are all of my twin sister (bonita-applebum) because I don't have any pics of me with the Goyards but the red one is MINE so thanks hahaha

    edit: omg this is from ME (zionlion) on my sister's account wow that's awkward lol sorry for the confusion if there's any. xoxo
  3. with my Jeanne MM

  4. Thank you annalcg!
  5. St. Louis PM .. quick shot before running out the door to work... :P

  6. great bag oogiewoogie ! did you take the biggest font size for your initials?
  7. sw0pp, I'm 5'4". The Fidji doesn't seem to slide off of my shoulders if I have enough weight in the bag. If it's too light, I end up needing to hand-hold it. In the picture I posted, the bag had to be hand-held. I was traveling light that day. Unfortunately, I don't have a point of reference for the St. Louis as I have never tried one on.

    annaclg, I can't believe you caught that. I purposely wore the scarf that way to show the zig zag. Wow. Good catch.
  8. Thank you PsychoBagLady! Now I'm leaning more towards the Fidji ^^
  9. I love your pictures ziolion, where is your leather jacket from?! TDF
  10. Hehe. Keep doing it! It really looks swell together... just a little touch of snazzyness... :P
  12. ^ Thanks, cutetoby! On my left wrist I'm wearing a brown leather Hermès wraparound watch, a black Hermès thin leather wraparound bracelet, and some black hair bands. On my right wrist I have one blue and two red thread bracelets from Mexico with little charms for luck, plus a purple Cartier satin bracelet.

    Also, I love that hat; It's from Urban Outfitters and is supremely warm :smile:
  13. lovely goyards! i love them all!
  14. everyone looks great with thier bags.....oogie your black st louis
    this is on my wishlist right now and am saving:yahoo:
    congrats to you and everyone else!!!
  15. Love seeing all of these pictures. Can't wait until Wednesday, so I can take my own.