Your Goyards About Town and In Action

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  1. strolling at singapore sentosa island with st.louis gm :smile:
  2. #62 Sep 12, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2010
    Me and my St Louis In Disneyland Paris


  3. [​IMG]................:smile:
  4. Disney1.jpg


    (Disneyland Paris - September 2010)
  5. out for shopping carrying my st louis PM
  6. My Goyard Croisiere 35cm in Red with gold metallic crown!:yahoo:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  7. That crown is fantastic!!
  8. i don't own any goyards, per se, but did some shopping at barney's in beverly hills.
    want all the trunks!!!

  9. ^ Love that pic, it's fab!!!
  10. Just got a new St. Louis GM for use as a school bag (law school). Can anyone tell me honestly how much weight goyard bags can withstand? Currently, I would be carrying on average a laptop (macbook), charger, large legal textbook and a softcovered supplemental book. Id say its topping out at around 20 lbs. Am I going to rip the bag or cause the handles to tear at the attachment sites??

    btw: really do like the look of the bag :smile:
  11. hi yammers6

    like you, i use my st louis gm for school and put pretty much the same amount of stuff as you do into the bag (macbook, charger, a couple of hardcover books (which would weigh a little bit less than your large legal textbook (i'm guessing it's the dark green one, with the red title?), change of gym clothes, wallet, phone), and i feel that it's okay to carry that much in the bag. this is the most amount of stuff i would feel comfortable carrying in the st louis, not just from a "i hope i don't break my bag" point of view, but from an "ouch my shoulder hurts from carrying so much" point of view! i definitely wouldn't put another one of those big legal textbooks in the st louis.

    hope this helps! enjoy the bag; i'm loving mine :biggrin:
  12. :tup:
  13. look lovely. Do you mind me asking where your trousers are from? I have been looking for ankle cropped trousers. Thanks
  14. ^ Thank you! They are actually from Zara and they are great :yes: