Your Goyards About Town and In Action

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  1. Hello fellow Goyard fans! Post pictures of your Goyards in action here. Pictures and comments allowed.

    First up...

    My Goyard Grand Bleu PM along with American Apparel tights and Ash booties. Ready for a lovely, 67-degree November day!


    Flickr Photo.
  2. My St. Louis GM Black/Black. Wearing Juicy sweatpants on my way to the airport.

  3. My Fidji!

    A lovely slouchy hobo that is, curiously enough, completely empty in these photos. Usually it ats as a sort of Mary Poppins bag- never full ;)



    Photos from Flickr
  4. My fun green St. Louis PM.

    It's a super bookbag- I use it every day and fill it to the brim.


    Photo from Flickr
  5. me wearing my Okinawa PM in awkward outfit :biggrin: (grey hoodie and camo cargo pants) nowadays I use the bag for formal/business related events. will make a more recent pic soon. I'm 5'1 for reference

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  6. Here's my Marie Gallante PM in green

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  7. annalcg and crochetbella, the green is a fabulous colour!

    sw0pp, do you find that the Okinawa can hold much?
  8. Annalcg, since you have both fidji and st. Louis... What are the differences for both bags?I am a new mom, and I need a bag that can be versatile. Something I can dump some stufff in or something I can use for casual days during my "me" time.

    Can the fidji hold as much as the st Louis PM? Are both bags light? No problems with the zipper in the fidji?
  9. For the purposes you've listed above, I'd definitely recommend the St. Louis (If you're taller and want more space in the bag, you could even get the GM!)

    I originally purchased the Fidji as a book bag, and while it does hold a massive amount, I wanted to be able to hold more so I elected to ask for the St. Louis at that time (I received it for my birthday soon after). The St. Louis is much better, I find, than the Fidji for just throwing a massive amount of things in. I never had any trouble with the Fidji zipper, but I carried it so much and with such weighty items in it that I decided to get it repaired- I had leather corners put on and a strip of thick suede on the inside, as one side was wearing out. So far, I have been using the St. Louis for books for twice the amount of time that I was using the Fidji for, and no wear at all. I attribute this to the strap: the weight of whatever is in the Fidji is all concentrated in that one strap which is wider than the St. Louis strap, but nevertheless there are only two points of contact between the strap and the bas. On the other hand, the St. Louis has two straps, meaning four points of contact. Furthermore, the St. Louis will stand up on it's own depending on what you fill it with; it is difficult to get the Fidji to do the same. The ONLY downside of the St. Louis for the purposes you have described is that I have found that when I am wearing bunches of sweaters and a coat it is difficult to simply swing it and have it land on my shoulder just so- but I am attributing this to the lack of flexibility due to winter layers, not the fault of the bag.

    Just to be clear, I am not in any way "trashing" the Fidji- rather, I'm just suggesting that based on my personal experience, the St. Louis is better equipped to deal with the situation of holding more things and more weight for prolonged periods of time.

    Best of luck, dopey! Please do let me know if you have any more questions.
  10. thanks annalcg for that first-hand account on the difference on the St. Louis and the Fidji.. I've been debating between the two as my first Goyard :biggrin:
  11. Not a problem! I'm a Goyard nerd so that plus adoring to write makes for some pretty long posts. I'm glad you found it useful :biggrin:

    The first Goyard is oh-so-exciting!
  12. thanks for the detailed description of the bags annalcg! :biggrin:

    i think i will go with my instinct and save up for that nice St. Louis PM... now, gotta decide on the color! :P
  13. unfortunately it doesn't fit as much as I'd like (but I just finished university so 'much' is carrying my laptop, food and clothing in addition to necessities). A4 papers/mags do go in, but the bag is so rigid and not very wide, putting a small water bottle inside, when you already have lecture notes, will fill the width. or if I try to stuff a blazer into it, on top of necessities it's also a bit cramped. I could take some inside my bag pic though :smile: btw there is also an Okinawa GM, which looked to big on me back then, that would surely fit more
  14. My 1st Goyard action pic :blush:
    Toggle Guess coat, Anlo jeans, Jcrew top, Hayden Harnett boots, and of course the Goyard Boeing 30, was getting ready to DD's piano class ^^^


    The pic is a bit dark & blurry, here a closer-up for the Boeing 30
  15. ^ love the modeling pic!