Your Goyards About Town and In Action

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  1. I finally remembered to snap a pic when I got dressed the other day. My usual type of outfit - some combination of a solid shirt or jacket, a scarf, and my handbag choice of the day.

    Don't worry. I remembered to put on shoes before I left the house.

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  2. Nice modeling pic with your Fidji PBL!
  3. ita
  4. Holding both the Boeing (30) and Jeanne (MM)

    Side by Side, Boeing is a bit wider and bulkier.

    Front view, Boeing a tad taller than Jeanne. The handles on the Boeing is adjustable with 3 or 4 holes, and I believed I'm on the 2nd.

    With the Jeanne MM
  5. LoveThatThing, thank you so much for the pictures! helps a lot with my decision

    oh, and you look lovely with your Goyard pieces :biggrin:
  6. Me and my St Louis PM at the brooklyn bridge. Pic taken back in '08. :biggrin:

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  7. Very nice.... sharp look!
  8. I love your pics! You totally know how to rock your Goyard!
  9. LoveThatThing, those photos have made me add the Boeing 30 to my list of possible birthday Goyards! The best gift is a Goyard gidt (for me) hehehehe
  10. I tried to attach some pics but i dont know if they'll work lol hopefully! xxox Tara

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  11. Awww :blush: thanks ladies!
  12. PsychoBagLady- I adore how your Fidji slouches so perfectly in the middle. Also, I love the combo of the printed scarf with the Goyard print! It's so subtle, yet it's something that always catches my eye :amuse:

    zionlion- I don't think I've ever seen a red St. Louis before; it's so happy and vibrant!!! I especially like the photo when it's on the ground and you can see that your sunglasses match it :cool: Also, it completely eclipses the LV next to it on the ground (in my Goyard-biased opinion).
  13. Can the Fidji hold A4 magazines/lecture notes/books?
  14. pleeeassse anyone? or at least: how tall are you annalcg and PsychoBagLady? I'm considering a St. Louis PM vs a Fidji. I prefer that the Fidji closes with a zipper, but I have the feeling the St. Louis will fit more. Any of both more prone to sliding off your shoulders?
  15. Great pics! I see 3 different St. Louis totes, right? Love that bag!