yay or nay? pic attached

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  1. Ther perfo looks kinda OK but it is a bad attempt to girly-fy a badass Bbag IMO. I also don't care much for CGH. So I say :tdown:
  2. This bag looks too busy...:wacko:
  3. i don't prefer the GH or perfo but the shiny silver hardware kills any inkling of desire i might have.
  4. nay for me. I am just not feeling the perf on that at all.
  5. definitely a YAY for me!!! i think the GCH makes the bag look really expensive!
  6. I don't like it. But I said that when GH came out, too, and now I have one!! So don't count my opinion . . .:confused1:
  7. sorry but it's a nay for me
  8. nay for me as well...
  9. Nay for me, too busy and too *old fashioned* looking
  10. Since it's not "me" I say "neigh" But only YOU know what you could rock!
  11. naaaaay
  12. sorry, another nay
  13. personally...I like the regular hardware and sometimes I will go with the GSH
    but this one? hmm...NAY

  14. ditto :yes: