yay or nay? pic attached

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  1. Have to say Nay...if it had just the covered HW I think I might like it (I'm not a fan of the covered HW in general, but I do seem to like it on the Black bags :confused1:), but I do not like the perforation at all :nogood:.
  2. Nay i didn't like this new collection so much.
  3. Nay.
  4. Nay, covered hardware is not for me. :nogood:
  5. #50 Aug 9, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2008
    Nay...I don´t like the perfo nor the covered hardware..sorry,

  6. well i'm a big fan of RH, so i'd have to say nay!!
  7. I like the style! but not the covered hardware. I got to see and carry the one like that at the store. I think I prefer it with metal hardware!! But it depends on your preference.;)
  8. i came back for another look...still no!
  9. It´s great as each one of blg bags of course....but I have to say I don´t like covered hardware, I´m not really sure about this but I don´t want not even imagine what it would happens with the leather when they start rubbing , because the hardware cover is leather as well, am I right?. Anyway I love your bag, any b-bags purchases are allways a good deal! :tup:
  10. I love black Cities, but perfo and covered is just not for me!
  11. going to say nay
  12. I know I'm in the minority here, but I absolutely LOVE this look! I do love the rocker chic look of the RH and have a few of those, but to me, this GCH with the perf leather is to die for. I have 4 so I obviously love them! It really dresses the bag up for me and I am actually glad not many like it because there won't be do darned many of them around, especially in time to come. I guess I have never loved what everybody else loves....
  13. I'm surprised that the overwhelming majority of responses have been against CH and perfo, I was under the impression that more people here liked it. That being said, I would prefer GSH or GGH over the CH with perfo!
  14. I'd pass this one up
  15. Hi mammab:smile:!

    The leather is beautiful,but it isn't my style...I'm sorry,I say nay:nogood:.