yay or nay? pic attached

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  1. i LIKE it:heart: I think its very cute!!!! I would get it if i had the fund :sweatdrop:its a great collector piece IMHO!!
  2. nay. i just dont like it!
  3. The perforated leather is very unusual but I don't quite like the combination with the covered hardware. It might be that the zipper is catching the light and so, seems very bright.

    If you're ok with the covered hardware (that's the thing that I am iffy about - it's gigantic!) then, to me, it seems ok.
  4. :tdown:
  5. I like Bal for its rock chic look. The perforation and covered hardware makes the bag a little too pretty for me.
  6. Augh words cannot express how much a loathe the covered harware. I LOVE the hardware. It's such a nice contrast to the leather, why the hell would you cover it up? =(
  7. A screaming zipper...:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:just loved the way that read! But anyway, I agree. The Covered Hardware just doesn't do it for me..it's kind of overkill, IMO.
  8. me too..too much going on..although the color looks super saturdated =)
  9. mmm nope!
  10. I still don't care for the perf look. I don't mind CH but am wondering how it will wear over time.
  11. nay.... I think the perfo is alright, it adds something to the black bag. But I don't like the CH.
  12. Too busy....sorry.
  13. Thanks guys!!! I feel much better, I was having feelings of it being too 'busy' as well -- just too much going on :smile::yes:

  14. I'd say Nay...it looks really really busy.
  15. I am not big on the covered hardware, so it's a nay for me