why do you like Coach items and is it considered mid-end or high end brand?

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  1. me too, for me coach is considered "high end" and LV, gucci, fendi, etc.. are all made of the same materials-LEATHER. if i like it, i'll get it. and coach for me as of now, is what i can afford and i love my coach li'l accessories to pieces.:heart:
  2. I also think with the evolution idea, it has to do with once you justify spending 300 or so on a purse...its kind of like..."oh well, whats another 200, 500, 1000" thats how it went for me anyway. It was like justified spending $250 on a purse, then it was like "oh this is only 200 more, then oh thats just 800 more" haha After I justfied spending "alot" on a bag, the more expensive bags started to seem..less expensive.
  3. i was actually thinking about this the other day!

    i remember, even a year ago, how insanely expensive i thought a dooney bag was at $175 or so. i bought one and i was on top of the world and i flaunted that bag like nothing else. then i bought my first coach at $300. once again, i thought i was on top of the world. then, came the slow integration of the $400 bags...then add on a few extra $100's...

    if you would have asked me a year ago if i would have EVER been lusting over a bag that cost over $2000 (a chanel i'm eyeing)- i would have told you were you crazy! but now that DOES seem like a reasonable price. and i can justify it a bit more. it's nuts how our perception changes.
  4. I agree, VDG! I got rid of all the other bags I own because I found what I was looking for in Coach. I had a couple Michael by MK bags, a couple Marc by MJ bags, a couple indie designers (I know still not high end) but I didn't like them nearly as well as I do my Coach bags. I like the 'feel' of my Coach bags and the history behind the brand. And it's affordable. I can splurge on Legacy or I can browse ebay to find something at 1/2 the price or less than retail and it still has the tags on it! I like the idea of the outlets and PCE. Coach meets all my needs and I'm happy whether it's high end, low end or somewhere in between. So, no matter what I may own in the future I'll love them because they're mine!
  5. What I love about Coach is that they offer high quality leather bags. If I'm gonna pay $500 for a purse it better be leather. I mean LV doenst offer that, their speedies are more expensive and they are made out of canvas! But i must say there are some lv pieces that are great (i really like the epi, nomade and vernis line) But the thing I dont like about Coach are their outlets. You dont see the other "high end" brands offering their bags at a discount. And sometimes it makes me feel stupid/robbed when I find a bag i paid full price on, be available at the outlets for a much much lower price.
  6. I agree with you completely. A year ago, I didn't own a single Coach bag because all I saw in the department stores over the years were more of the signature styles that I never cared for. Plus there are no outlets in this state so I never knew what else might be out there. Today, well, after seeing all of the variety on Ebay, I've become an addict and have acquired an obscene number of bags. I love the quality and feel of the purses more than anything and the styles look great with anything you want to wear. I now trade out my purse almost every day to match my outfit. Since I've started carrying only Coach, I've gotten lots of compliments from both men and women in restaurants and stores. I'm throwing out all of the old department store generics bags and sticking with Coach. And since I'm new to this forum, I've really enjoyed hearing everyone else's opinions on the same subject. Thanks for everyone's thoughtful comments.

  7. While I completely agree with you about hating the aspect of the outlets where you buy a bag full price and then occassionally find it out the outlets later, there are other "high end" designers who have outlets. Dior, Versace, Armani, Prada, and Chanel all have outlets (there may be others as well, these were just the ones I could come up with off the top of my head). While they may not be as common as Coach Factory Stores, they do exist. But I do still hate paying full price for something and then finding it later at the outlets. I just figure that with me, this happens to me enough so things even out (yes, I find bags I paid full priice for at the outlet, but I've also gotten some incredible deals on things that way instead of paying full price).

    And I'm sure I responded to this thread a while ago, but for me, I don't really care about low v. high end designers. Like many others have said, I buy what I like and thus far, Coach has had more styles that suit my personal style. I also like Coach b/c I can afford it without having to finance things to get a bag (I love and want a balenciaga, but won't ever be able to collect them the way I do Coach).
  8. Its low end,but I love coach (some of their pieces). My only complaint about coach is that their seasons are not consistent,some seasons their bags are nice,some are just fug..especially the fish bags...god that was a bad season. Those fish bags looked like the designer got a little child to make them!
  9. I think Coach appeals to a lot of people in a lot of places. And they have good marketing without being in your face. Besides..it really comes down to what someone likes and if they buy it or not. If I like, I'll buy. It could be a $25 bag at Target, no big deal.
  10. Everyone has their sticking point, and for some that is that the bag must be leather. However, keep in mind that there are many LV canvas mono bags that have been passed from mother to daughter. Usually the parts that wear worst and need replacing are the leather parts, while the coated canvas remains strong, intact and looking good.

    So while you may prefer a leather bag, it doesn't necessarily mean they are better or higher quality.
  11. I don't really care what end Coach is at. I like Coach because of the fine craftsmanship, leather, stitching, durability, feel, color options, attention to details...basically what you would look for in any well-made bag.

    By-the-way, I also own LV, a couple of Marc Jacobs, & Chloe', and I like them too..... for the same reasons that I like Coach.
  12. This pretty much sums up my opinion. I too like LV, and was considering buying a Speedy 30, but in the back of my mind I'm like for roughly $700 (with tax) I can have 2 or 3 Coach bags.....so I'm sticking with my Coach for the time being.
  13. Whatever it is. I love it. And will continue to buy Coach, it makes me happy.:love:
  14. I agree with what most people are saying it is an affordable designer. I am like most people it was the 1st nice purse I bought. I now have about 20 Coach bags. I have now just recently just got into Gucci (I have 4 now). I rotate my Coach bags almost daily. They make great everyday bags. Coach makes great bags for what they charge.
  15. I will always love Coach. I got my first one in high school and I still carry them 21 years later. I don't treat my bags very well ( except for my one and only LV) and they have stood the test of time and me. I will always be a Coach fan for life.