why do you like Coach items and is it considered mid-end or high end brand?

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  1. why do you like Coach items and is it considered mid-end or high end brand?

    Why... do you think Coach items are better known to most people than say.. Cole Haan or Furla, etc.??
  2. and do you think Coach items will ever become a high-end product?
  3. coach is known so well because it's not "exclusive" and is decently affordable. therefore, it will never be considered high end by most people.
    but i also think "high end" or otherwise is subjective...
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  5. depends on your perspective. to someone who may not have the means to afford them, they are high end. to someone who only buys Hermes, they are not.
  6. well said, bagnshoo. No matter the price, some like Coach and some don't. Some dream of Coach b/c it's a high end bag, and some wouldn't touch it with a 10' pole, possibly also because of it's price.

    I for one love Coach, not all but many styles. It's practical and goes with a lot of my wardrobe, jeans or more dressed up at work.
  7. i think it's good to point out that, just becuase you love ANY brand, that doesn't mean you love EVERYTHING they put out.
    coach has put out some uglies, but so has lv/chanel/balenciaga/etc.
    but, like i said, it's all subjective.
  8. Like others have said, it is a very subjective thing. A lot of people view Coach as a "bridge" brand, and thus they wouldn't buy it because they have "moved on" to higher-end products. Ultimately, it really does come down to being a brand snob. It seems that some people have to put down other people or other brands to make themselves or their brands seem high enough. I think it is sad, really.

    Regardless of price points, there are people who love Coach, its history and its products. There are others who don't, regardless of price. Then there are those who judge a brand based on its price point or its snob appeal. It could be a woman who buys LV or Hermes thinking Coach is low-end or a woman who buys Coach thinking Guess is low-end.

    I like Coach, and right now it is in my price range. I also like LV and will probably soon have one. Does that mean that I will have moved on and abandoned Coach? Absolutely not. I think Coach has some great styles and provides excellent value for the dollar regardless of how it is viewed by others.
  9. I like some of their stuff. If I like it, I get it. :yes:
  10. I like coach. If I see something I like, I get it. I don't care who makes it. I have brand preferences, but sometimes someone makes something I must have.
  11. Their items are classic and as someone else said, it goes with everything. I have LV and Burberry, Furla and Gucci - but I adore Coach the most, usually because I can walk into the boutique and see something I like. I think it's great quality for the price...
  12. I consider some of Coach pieces to be very high end!!! Like someone said above...if a bag appeals to me then I get it. I like Coach because they make bags that I can dres up or down, and they are great for work (I'm a teacher).

  13. yeah it depends on individual, it is all subjective. i find coach products to be affordable, if i see something i like, i will just get it, i won't think twice about it.
  14. Very well said.
  15. I like anything that is cute and I can afford. :smile: