why do you like Coach items and is it considered mid-end or high end brand?

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  1. coach is actually accessible without being too in your face. IMO

    it's a fine line. truly. i think that if Coach ever recruited a great designer *cough* tod, derek....shoes! *drool*

    they may step up in their game. it's also about image. remember that period awhile back before tom ford when some people wouldn't have touched gucci with a ten foot pole?

    remember when sharon stone wore gap onto the red carpet? somehow gap lost their way..or maybe that was just sheer luck.

    for coach, right now, they are placing higher prices, and the designs are going back to what made coach first famous.

    will they truly ever be "high" end? probably not, because as long as they want to make the money they need to keep themselves at a balance and not lose the customer who can't afford to drop several hundred to a thousand on a purse.

    they need to constantly change their design so that the customer gets the "freshness" because fashion cycles move much much faster these days

    and they're doing that.

    they're also trying to attract a higher client with their legacy line, the higher quality and price point.

    but it would be hard for them to command thousands for just leather like other brands do, only pyton or some exotic material, because it's produced in china.

    there. i said it. produced in china.

    another reason juicy won't get up there, even though they're starting to make clothes other then those hoodies and sweatpants.

    why dooney hasn't made it is simply design b/c i think they say they're made in USA?

    then again, coach never made it up there even when it was produced in italy (this lady had boots from five years ago, made in italy stamped)

    and Reed, although he certainly is creative, was never a handbag designer before coming to Coach. i think that brought a freshness that really skyrocketed coach's popularity aka stocks.

    but to be profitable, it can't be high end
  2. I think that Coach is generally considered to be an upper mid-level brand. Coach used to be my dream bag, and then (I will admit it) I felt like I "graduated" to higher end bags such as LV and Fendi. And, I became a bit of a snob. This new Legacy line has brought me back to Coach. Coach is by no means inexpensive, but as a grad student with an insatiable desire for handbags, Coach is certainly more reasonable than LV. And, I was in the mood for a good leather bag. I feel like my LV collection is complete. How much monogram canvas does one girl need? At some point it ceases to be exciting to think of getting a new bag in exactly the same print. I'm all about Coach right now.
  3. no coach isnt high end, it is a bridge brand. its varied price points let everyone have a little piece, and some...alot more. I no longer like the signature. In a way I feel as if i have 'moved up'. I now crave balenciaga, but the legacy ali won over the balenciaga camel 06.....
  4. A little food for thought...

    I work in a professional office with 11 other women and all of them think that Coach is very high end and very expensive. And, I am the only one who carries authentic designer bags (yes, I consider Coach to be designer, even though some do not). I carry Coach, Kate Spade and one MJ bag. In my city, the only places you can buy designer bags are Macy's or Nordstrom Rack. The nicest bags my Macy's carries are Coach, Kate Spade, Brahmin and Monsac. Rack generally has they same brands but will also have some MJ every now and again but they sit there forever because nobody will spend that kind of money. That's it, folks! If you want something nicer you will need to travel 2 1/2 hours to Detroit or Chicago to get it. I've never seen Chloe or Balenciaga worn by anyone here and I rarely see authentic Chanel, Gucci, Dior or Fendi. You see a lot of LV bags but 90% of them are fake.

    So, I guess my point is that everything is relative. Where I live, Coach is high end. I know that it's not a true high end designer brand but most people do not.
  5. I've always considered Coach high end, especially years ago when they just made rich solid leather items. However, after I got my Ali bag, I was in the restroom at work and thinking back to the news clip regarding the bacteria bags pick up and all the germs on their bottoms (leather is the worst offender and tends to hold onto the germs, while vinyl doesn't)...... Thinking all that over, I think that that is one levelling tool that brings ALL bags down to the same level, whether it is a $10,000.00 bag or a $10.00 one. They are receptacles for our daily junk we carry and the daily grime we encounter each day.
  6. Yup, I totally agree, Mokoni. It's exactly the same where I live. I'm in Vancouver and among my friends and family, who are a mix of professionals and grad students, Coach is considered high end. No one I know has even heard of MJ, Balenciaga, Chloe, etc. The only other designers most of them know are LV, Fendi, Prada and Gucci, but that's mostly because there are so many fakes here. When I started carrying Coach, I had a couple of family members say "Wow, did you win the lottery?". :rolleyes:
  7. um.. im a 16 year old in high school so most people would consider coach to be high end. i mean my friends get pissed off or annoyed a lot when they see my coach purchases, lol. i think compared to lv and gucci and chanel, though, it would be considered low end. depends on the context.
  8. Please do not take offense to this, Keane Fan, but Coach should be considered high end to a 16 year old. I didn't get my first Coach bag (which was my first expensive bag purchase) until I was 20 years old and until I could afford to buy it myself. It's none of my business how you get your bags but the number of teenagers on this board who have designer purses amazes me!
  9. I consider Coach to be "middle of the road" over the grand scheme of things. If you consider all the bag brands out there, all the price points, and all the styles, Coach is simply in the middle. They are bags that are more expensive and bags that are less. Coach does an excellent job with their marketing (to all customers) which is one reason they are so well-known. That also may be why some people don't consider them to be "high-end". They are not that exclusive. They are a quality product sold in many different types of retail establishment for anyone who can pay typically upwards of $100 for a purse. I personally like that about them-I try my best not to be a "label whore", and buying a bag at a factory store or at Dillards with a coupon keeps me grounded. Plus, Coach simply has some cute styles. I love their purses, I ADORE their shoes, and they have a great collection of fun accessories. Bottom line, though, it comes down to buying what you like and what will make you happy.;)
  10. I just buy what I like and don't usually try to classify the different brands. I love Hermes and LV but I would never part with my Coach collection or my Dooney Alto. To me they are all special. :tender: I have been a huge Coach fan for years and I'm so glad to see them going back to the classics/what made them great in the first place. :yes: I'd love to get a bag from the legacy line.
  11. I agree with Mokoni. I loved Dooney and Coach, but Dooney was a llittle more affordable for me so I started there. When I went to my daughters middle school open house I was shocked at how many of the KIDS had Dooney and Coach bags. I didn't get my first Dooney until 3 years ago, when I was 30. I got my first Coach a year and a half ago. To me seeing young girls carry them cheapens it for me. I am a stay at home mom and sacrificed to get nice things, and so it really is depressing for me personally. I have sold all of my Dooney's and older Coach's and bought the Legacy shoulder, I know that I won't see the young girls carrying it! I hope not anyway. I think of Coach as a mid price level. I think of Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga to be high end bags. I wish that they would quit raising the prices at Coach though. I understand when it is something new, but not on the same ol, same ol!
  12. Mokey, I am in exactly the same boat. I stay at home with my children and we have sacrificed for me to be able to do so. It is only in the last few years that I've been able to afford things like Coach because funding the kids' education accounts and things for the kids always come first. I, too, hope not to see the younger girls carrying the Legacy Hippie bag!
  13. i love coach's totes, which is why i decided to buy one! I think they are mid end but that doesnt mean i wouldnt spend money on one! i bought a speedy a few months bag but i still love coach!
  14. sorry double post
  15. I really like Coach products. Some people think Coach is really high-end and others don't. It depends on the person. They are good for everyday use, and what I use them for.