Who's ready for the 2014 color swatch??

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  1. Bam! :ghi5:
  2. Second hand pre-owned bags doesn't bother me at all. Apart from 2, all of my Bals are pre-owned and was lucky enough to get them in great condition.

    I'm just getting impatient. I just want my magenta city already *tantrum* I know it will be worth it once I finally get it.
  3. I have the LE lime green but its noting like apple green - Oh to have a brand new apple green - I would be in heaven.

    I also have ametyhst in a regular Pom Pon and with I had it in a city or part time - amethyst is the best - I wish they could repeat it exactly.
  4. Cigar Fonce ! :yes:
    I think I'll need another Day :greengrin:
  5. Cigar fonce, whoa!

    My bank account is happy they haven't been doing more perfectly glorious colours :smile:
  6. Wow...I don't have red bags, maybe the red is true red?
  7. I agree as well, the best deep red ever. There's nothing looking like RT except maybe Pourpre.
  8. I KNOW!!!! :roflmfao:

  9. I don't know of you buy pre loved or not but I've seen two pristine ANIS city's pop up recently! They are out there. One was at AFF and I can't remember the other place I saw it.

    Edit: nevermind! I just read the other ladies post "you had and you sold" BUSTED lol
  10. Pourpre was more purple undertones then Rouge Theatre imo. I sure wish they'd bring RT back! :graucho: I mean I have 2 RT bags - but could always use more of that particular color.
  11. Spoke with Marie at City Center store. She is a great SA. I've worked with her for a long time. We discussed the new swatches and how there are not a lot of colors released for FW2013. She said they are going through transition...with AW taking over as designer. Will be interesting how that affects the colors of the bags in 2014 and beyond...Also, if it will affect the leather too.
  12. Interesting I wonder if AW is reading our "wish lists" lol. We did ask for less colors since so many were too similar/not exciting and better leather. Sounds like F/W this year may be a snooze fest, I wonder if the holiday line will be scaled down too. I loved the shimmer papier line, and last years hamilton line. This years holiday line was a bit hit/miss for me I liked the leather but not the matte gold studs, loved the silver rh studs but not the colors they came on. It almost seems like the holiday lines are making more buzz than the F/W lines the past few years. If cigar fonce is a 2014 color it will give me more time to save for it! :graucho:
  13. I forgot to ask did she mention anything about the papier line? The colors on barney's pre-order list for this coming season are amazing but the styles aren't really doing it for me. They do have one new bucket style bag that looks interesting. I actually like it however after having a pompom I'm not keen on trying another bucket bag. I've been hoping for a while that they would break out more styles in that line.
  14. Yeah, this will be interesting. I'm looking forward to new blood. I know many were not happy with NG's departure but many of us were disappointed with recent seasons. Hope for good changes down the road!
  15. Wow!!!!