Who's ready for the 2014 color swatch??

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  1. Sure! It's very caramel colored in person :smile:

  2. I saw the new colors on Wednesday at NM and loved the red. I was looking forward to seeing Cigar Fonce but didn't like it. Rose Peche was do pretty ....very feminine and lovely with GGH. I really liked the new Beige one a lot.
    And - the new yellow one did not look good at all with GGH. Definitely needs RH.
  3. I need help :'c
    I know it's a bit irrelevant but it's somewhat related, I just need help deciding whether I should buy a balenciaga wallet now or wait till next year, do you guys think that there will be any new interesting colors? or should I just get one now?
  4. Thanks so much for posting this! It looks like a beautiful neutral! Congrats!!!
  5. This is stunning! I definitely need some beige nougatine in my life. :graucho:

  6. Very pretty. :woohoo::woohoo:

    In your opinion, is there a past color it compares too?
  7. Hope this is something new. Dropped by Nordstrom yesterday and spotted this, an Envelop with a messanger strap that's completely removable! The price is not too bad $1095 for mGGH. I'll definitely get one if they come in RH.

  8. lovely envelopp
  9. Love it :woot:
  10. Oohhh I like this. My SA says the US Bal boutiques dony carry this style. . Anyone know if that's the case?
  11. Oh, I LOVE this! Looks great on you.
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