Who's ready for the 2014 color swatch??

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  1. Me too! I'm a sucker for greens. :smile:

    I know, it is the one that got away for me as well. I didn't have the funds at the time and of course it was snapped up. I'm patiently waiting my turn. :P
  2. LOL I didn't realize it was on so many peoples lust list. :P:P:P Another weird quirk is that I've seen gorgeous ones for sale in GH but *very few* with RH. I guess it was just a smaller run. Well I guess we all know what's on our "wish list" thread now! :P:cool:
  3. Ahhh yes, RT accessories would be perfection! Give me a RT mini mini coin any time! Or a money wallet... *sigh*
  4. Cigar Fonce, can't really tell from my computer screen... but is it more like dark brownish colour???
    If so, I'm definately in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG... can't wait.
    Always wanted a nice brown colour Bal bag! Lol
  5. wondering how similar 2014 anthra will be!
  6. I want that red!!! Hope it's a true red!!
  7. Thanks for the papier swatches! The colors are kind of disappointing I was hoping for a burgundy, raisin, or even a dark teal/navy color.
  8. Yeeesh! :wacko:

    Enough with the light rosey pinks already.

    Are they getting a massive discounts on these dyes? And just adding and subtracting certains tones?

  9. I don't think we can expect too much with this last season before AW really hits. Been pretty lame the past couple of years. We will just have to cross our fingers for new blood and hopefully new stunning colors!
  10. At least AW is no stranger to bright shades. Although I often want to throw the heavy Rocco out of a window, I caved and got another in Acid.

    Hopefully he will bring some similar, crazy shades to Bal :smile:
  11. I can imagine those Rocco's can be like bricks! :lol:
  12. Fiiiiiiinally it looks like there may be something sort of close to caramel! Please oh please let Beige Nougatine be THE ONE! :love:
  13. BUMP.

    Any more intel on the upcoming colors?
  14. oh, cigar fonce and nougatine look good...
  15. :huh:o, i think i see some perforated/lacy patterns back there. maybe they're bringing back the covered studs!


    OUTREMER!!!! Totally one of my holy grails!

    HAHAHA i was totally going to say that too!! =P

    Yes more true reds PLEASE!!
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