Who's ready for the 2014 color swatch??

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  1. Just spoke with my SA about the FW2014 colors. Told her that Cigare Fonce has enjoyed some great anticipation from the TPFrs. She sees Cigare Fonce as between Chataigne and Charbon! NICE!!!

    Also let her know that Rouge Cardinal is getting TPFrs excited. My SA said Rouge Cardinal looks like a true red. However, she shared that her manager or whoever orders colors, may be tired of reds at this point. "NO!", I said. If you are hungry for Rouge Cardinal to be available, you may want to let you SAs know that the demand is still out here. We love our reds, especially a beautiful true red. :graucho:

    I'm curious to see what the Beige Nougatine may be like...seems like a cooler version of Cumin? Cumin seemed to have my yellow/goldish tone to it.
  2. 2 RTs and you still want more? :graucho::biggrin:
    I have both RT and Pourpre and they are very similar, but when I compare side by side Pourpre definitely is more "berry" looking.
  3. I'm comfused, are we talking about FW13 or FW14? The thread name says 2014 but that's a little futuristic, isn't it:P

    And I totally agree, we cannot get enough of a gorgy true red, can we!:heart::love:

    I have a Cumin RH City and when I received the bag it actually said "gold" on the tag that went with it on the dustbag (not the Bal tags). So yeah, it definitely has a goldish tone (think golden caramel/peanut butter) which I love! Beige Nougatine does seem cooler from the swatch.
  4. It was confusing. The swatches are for FW2013. I know...cannot get enough of a gorgeous true red!

    2014 is when I suspect we will see the influence of AW.
  5. When she sent me the swatches she wrote fw14 maybe a typo was just passing along what was sent to me
  6. Sorry it was so confusing I literally posted what was sent to me
  7. I am really excited about Cigare Fonce, I hope that it is not as dark as Charbon. I would really love this in a weekender. I wonder if they are doing the gold regular hardware of if that was just a limited edition.

    In terms of Rouge Cardinal, I really would love a true red, but the photo in the Bal stockroom made it look very pink. I know that these photos are often not telling of the true color, but it really is confusing. If this were 2010 I would be more excited. Bal has made so many changes to the bags i.e. the leather, glaze, handles, etc. that even the most beautiful colors do not make me as excited.
  8. I'm with you. More towards milk chocolatey Chataigne is what I would rather see. What a gorgeous combo that would be! If they did LE classic gold HW! Wow!

    You saw the swatch in person? Well, as we have all said, you really gotta see the bags when they finally arrive.

    Think many of us are with you. Many of the changes recently have been so disappointing. Hoping the new guard with improve. ;)
  9. I agree with you completely.
    I am hoping the real colour will be better though and after all, the colour is called Cardinal Red ... should be easy enough ;)
  10. I think they should bring Jaune, Truffle, and Magenta back! :smile:
  11. Greedy I know - right? :graucho: I should have said: I really would love a whole bag full of RT accessories. A money wallet (which as I'm sure you know) wasn't available then, a mini mini cp etc. etc.

    Also wanted to chime in with CeeJay that Anais is another unique color to me. Wish they would reissue a "limited edition" of collectors most beloved colors, just a small capsule collection that I'm sure would be 90% purchased by tPF lovers!
  12. I know most of us are obsessing over the moto line but here are the colors for the papier line.
    Marie at Bal City Center in Vegas was kind enough to give me this shot.

    FW2013 for Papier
  13. I haven't seen the swatch in person, but someone posted spy photos. I can't remember what thread it was in. I am really hoping for a vert fonce re-make, but the best thing about that bag and color was the leather, so any re-make would likely be disappointing. I guess I keep envisioning VF when I think of Cigare Fonce, I should probably stop doing that because it doesn't sound like they will be similar. :smile:
  14. I like the sound of vert khaki a lot
  15. I'm 100% with you. I missed a dream VF bag a couple of years ago (another lovey pFer got it so I was happy for that) but man I have kicked myself for years over that one. That color and leather was perfect. I had the same thought when I heard about CF - but I doubt it will be the same.