who shops at south coast plaza?

  1. hi all :biggrin:

    i shop at south coast plaza in costa mesa alot and i have bought alot of my purses there. i just wanted to know who actually shops there from this forum? please give a shout out if you do and what shops do you normally go to or even ones u just browse?
  2. Do way too much shopping at SCP...
  3. I do!! I do!!:biggrin:
  4. I used to visit SCP at least once a week. Spent most of my time @ LV's. But ever since I found the best SA, I only do my LV shopping @ Fashion Island :amuse:
  5. When I lived in California I would go there all the time. Now the only time I go is when we drive to California to visit family.
  6. I do!
  7. I am there way too often. Try to cut back. Sound like we should have SCP shopping party.:lol:
  8. Me! I love in Irvine & I take the 73 to Southcoast. I live like 5 minutes away from Southcoast & I LOVE IT.
  9. i do!
    the store i go to the most at scp is Nordstrom. i also like visiting jimmy choo, chanel, Saks, wolford, and lv (but only to browse).
  10. Speaking of SCP--I'm going tomorrow! Does anyone know if Bottega Veneta and/or YSL are having sales?!
  11. Me too, I shop at SCP. I also stop by Fashion Island for NM & Bloomingdale's.

    Wicked, plan on getting something at OC tomorrow? Have any bag in mind? =)

  12. who is your SA?

    i liked this one SA guy i dont remember his name but he is really really nice.:yes: he kinda seems like he is gay and his boss seems to be very anal.
  13. i agree there should be a small meeting at the local restaurant like vie de france and have some tea/coffee (brunch) then go shopping together.

    but wouldnt that scare alot of the SA or customers when there is an organized group to buy...:graucho:
  14. Sounds like fun!! Wish I lived on the West Coast!!:yes:
  15. Yes! Both have spring merch on sale...as do Gucci, JC, Tods, Dior, etc.