Which MK are you carrying today?

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  1. Adele ❤️
  2. Oooh I really like that! Beautiful picture!
  3. Switched into my Mercer Gallery medium tote in ultra pink for tomorrow 20180410_161618.jpg
  4. Mercer in [​IMG]Mulberry Python
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  5. MK does pink & red bags beautifully!
  6. Thank you:smile: I think so too. I have bought a few in the past:smile:
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  7. tonne hobo.....good for rainy day
    tonne hobo.jpg
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  8. Thanks
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  9. Technically used this yesterday
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  11. thanks :smile:
    I actually love my other lambskin Tonne more but this one is nice too
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  12. Carrying my Black Sloan today, love that bag!
  13. thanks :smile:
  14. An oldie but a goodie. Black grommet Selma.