Which MK are you carrying today?

  1. Show and/or tell us which MK is accompanying you today --

    I'm using my Large N/S Hamilton in Quilted Vanilla.
    Here she is sitting on the couch in my office and I'm not getting much work done since I can't stop staring at her! :love:
    MK NS Hamilton Vanilla Quilted.JPG
  2. No MK today. Today I have my navy Rebecca Minkodd Nikki. I do however have 2 Hamiltons in the box sitting in my office closet that just came yesterday. I keep peeking at them. :amuse:
  3. Large N/S Hamilton in Vanilla :heart:
  4. MK gold Edie aka Shimmy Shimmy
  5. Uh Oh - Coach today and next week (I change out on Fridays). I've been doing MK so much my Coach bags weren't getting as much use, so for the next few weeks I'm taking out some of my Coach bags.
  6. MK large wristlet inside my Coach hobo
  7. My new Indigo large Hamilton. I love how they smell when they are brand new. I hung it in my closet with a couple books in it to try to speed up the breaking in period. Seems to have done the trick! Love it!

  8. Took my gorgeous black Ring Tote to the doctor's office today and it was perfect. Fit the folders and everything i needed!
  9. Love this thread over in the Coach forum, so I thought I would start one here.

    Today I'm carrying my Luggage N/S Hamilton with GHW. Don't know why I've had this bag for almost a year and didn't carry her but one other time. She's so nice and soft and love the GHW against the Luggage color!
  10. MK Hamilton Crossbody Indigo
  11. Today I'm carrying my "Joan" Knox Slate Hamilton in SHW
  12. This week I've been using my sunny yellow Jet Set with matching MK wallet. The makeup bag isn't MK but it's a perfect match. I wore a lot of greys this week and even some teal and this bag looks beautiful with both colors. At first I thought it was only a summer bag, but it can be a great Fall bag too!

  13. Black Hamilton w/silver hardware... love this bag! :love:
  14. Still showing love to my Large Luggage Hamilton w/GHW.

    @Crissy: Loving the yellow jet set!!!!
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