Which MK are you carrying today?

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  1. Tonne tmp_21397-2019-01-27_16.18.05-699203462.jpg
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  2. Black large quilted Savannah. I love the buttery soft quilting on this bag and wear it often in the winter.
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  3. Switched back into this for Valentine's, Mercer gallery medium tote in ultra pink:smile: 20180410_161618.jpg
  4. I will also be wearing this Michael Kors necklace. It was a gift. But I'm excited to try their jewelry. I never have. 20190209_222516.jpg
  5. In keeping with the pink theme for Valentine's day I just switched into my floral applique jet set crossbody in soft pink:smile: 20180529_151104.jpg
  6. Still in my luggage jet set crossbody IMG_4695.JPG
  7. Not a bag, but just got the Runway watch. It is my first time having a watch in rose gold. 20190215_151749.jpg
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  8. It was a Valentine's gift, sorry forgot to add that.
  9. I've been carrying my large croc Dillon in red for Valentine's Day.
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  10. Tile Blue Maddie! Trying to pretend it is a warm summer day outside! IMG_3739.JPG
  11. Super gorgeous bag and color!:smile:
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  12. Just switched into my Jessa backpack. I'm trying it with the new purse strap I just got on sale. 20190221_123656.jpg
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