Which MK are you carrying today?

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  1. I keep seeing these Mercer totes...the leather is gorgeous and I think I need to need to look into getting one.
  2. Just switched into my Bristol floral applique crossbody. tapatalk_1542912985371.jpeg
  3. On the road with my Michael Kore Junie Tote in Mushroom Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 9.20.15 AM.png
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  4. Orange Mercer dome
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  5. Just switched into my medium Bristol satchel in pale blue. 20180416_171219.jpg
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  6. Here's my Hammie
  7. Gorgeous! i am eyeing the same bag in brown. would you say it is spacious to be a work bag if you dont carry a laptop?
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  8. Thank you:smile: I think it is very spacious, but I have never tried putting work stuff in it. But I always have a lot of extra space left after I put in my regular things.
  9. Carrying my Jessa backpack in true green in honor of the holidays:smile: 20181027_233937.jpg
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  10. Tonne
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  11. MK Mercer large Mercer in Marine
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  12. Today I brought my MK studded Rhea backpack to work :smile:
  13. Tonne after dying
  14. Isn’t it gorgeous! Did you do the dye job yourself?
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  15. Thanks! Yes, I used Tarrago dye. Got caught in the rain with it today, no problem!
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