Which MK are you carrying today?

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  1. Just switched into my Mercer gallery medium tote in ultra pink. 20180410_161619.jpg
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  2. I switched to this lovely duo today for the week 2606B8B0-E413-4E17-ABC9-3ACE5ACA5041.jpg
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  3. The Whitney Large Leather tote in white
  4. The Whitney Large Leather tote in white
  5. My EW Hamilton in Kelly green, I received so many compliments on it today! Definitely going back into rotation.
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  6. Just switched into my small Mercer gallery tote in lt quartz. 20180712_191401.jpg
  7. Just switched into my Mercer tote, and trying it with my floral strap. 20181004_091512.jpg
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  8. Mercer love the bag❤️I want duplicates in all colors
  9. Just switched into my jet set large floral embellished crossbody. 20180529_151107.jpg
  10. Skorpios hobo in taupe :smile:
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  11. Hi, I would not consider it lightweight after I add all my stuff. It would be more on the heavy side filled up like the Hamilton.
  12. morgan2.jpg Morgan Tote in Acorn..
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  13. Matilda in natural snake
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  14. Just got the Jessa small floral embellished leather convertible backpack in true green:smile: 20181027_233940.jpg
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  15. Beautiful color!