Where is your comfort level price point?

  1. haha, OH when the economy was good and the money was flowing!!! (And I was childless!)

    At this point in my life, ANY handbag purchase I make is a major-thinker... even something like $50 needs to really be thought out.

    And forGET about me dipping into money hubs has earned. If I want something (other than gas money or groceries or bills paid), I've gotta sell something to buy, lol!
  2. ditto :rolleyes: :hugs:
  3. ITA with Eileen. I thought about a $80 for months, stalked it online, and waited to see where I could get the best price. I figure that I should maximize whatever I spend on a bag, else it should go to my bills or IRA!
  4. I don't know if anybody else is like this but for me it depends on the brand and the bag in question.. I'm frugal at heart and would still balk at spending over $300 on certain leather bags but if I love the bag enough, and if I knew that the brand doesn't go on sale (*cough*Chanel*cough*) I don't mind saving up for a while to get something I really like.

    But on average (for non-luxury brands) I would say $200-300 is the most I'm willing to pay. Of course, I always make exceptions for things I love! :p
  5. Yeah well actually I became quite good at stalking too :p
  6. Tell him thanks from us!!!
    (Love that red bag!!)
  7. Thankyou, I will tell him thanks from you! And thanks for the compliment on my beautiful Chanel...I only have 3 'cos they so bloody expensive, and they were all bought used, but they still cost a fortune!
  8. Now that I have a collection I'm happy with, my price point has dropped. Anything over $1500 and it has to be absolutely fantastic and fill a huge hole in my collection. I can't see myself buying another bag anytime soon. I'd rather invest in jewelry right now, which at least has some resale value.
  9. I am comfortable spending $300 on a bag on a fairly regular basis, but every once in a while could justify a bag in the $1500-2000 range as a gift from hubby- if I have been really "lusting" after it for a while!
  10. I would say that $1500 would be my limit, unless it's a gift from DH. I do own 2 bags that are above my limit, and I rarely carry them. I need to change my priorities.
  11. The most ive spent so far is $2700 on a Chanel. So i think my max would have to be $3000 for now.
  12. 600 max, if my dh has any idea of it! anything above that, I will destroy the evidence! sounds evil:giggles: but hey, I am PROTECTING his precious heart!
  13. Hmmm...100-150, that's the highest I can go since I'm working on my own,btw what make you spend 1000-2500 , is it because of the brand or the style or the material or as an investment? or something else? What's the triger? If is made by an original designer , and isn't a well known popular brand, but cost around 200-1000, would you think about it?
  14. :welcome2: to TPF! I would say we buy our bags at different prices for pretty much the same reason. We love the bag! For some, spending upwards 5K is affordable. It removes nothing from their daily lives. For others, spending $500 is the median price and others, $200, etc. I think it comes down to affordability and lust. To me affording the bag means plunking down $2,000 on the spot to buy it or whatever amount the bag costs. Others will save up until they have that amount to buy the bag. Personally, I won't because in answer to your question that I highlighted, a bag is never an investment no matter what anyone tells you unless it is in the packaging it was bought and was never worn! It's similar to a car and depreciates it's value once it's worn. Jewelry is a completely different matter!

    In answer to OP's question of many years ago, having gone over my spending comfort zone, I would say my next bag has to be significantly under $1k. There is nothing worse than buying a bag at $2,000+ to learn it does not live up to your expectations!
  15. Any bags that's under $500, I don't really put much thought into. When a bag is more then that, I think about it for a while before I buy it. I want to make sure that I really love the bag, and will get a lot of use out of it.