Where is your comfort level price point?

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  1. What is the price at which you start to hesitate when contemplating a purchase? Obviously, a Coach at the price of a Paddington makes you stop short but that's not the question. Given your level of obsession, where do you mentally stop yourself (if only briefly) when you are falling in love with something?

    For me, its about $2,100. Not that I don't own things that are pricier, they just took more mental gymnastics to be able to rationalize.


  2. I get a brief heistition at 1500 and above .....and thats only becasue i am taking care of three children now , so i have to control my spending to an extent
  3. I'm not actually sure about that lol. Probably $2500. Anything above that I might as well put my name on the birkin list.
  4. HMMM, probably $2,000. I LOVE bags and shoes, but my real PASSION is jewelry. Beautiful unique pieces of jewelry.
  5. $2000 would also be mine. Above $2000 I would have to think twice about that purchase. :smile:
  6. hmmm... i think $1,000
    i wouldn't pay $2,000 i don't think
  7. yeah, i'm thinking $1000, too.
  8. prolly $1,000 for me
  9. Give me $1,999 and I'm golden. If I see that 2 pop up, I start to sweat a little but I'll still swipe that card through and then justify it the whole way home...
  10. $1000 for serious consideration
  11. Am I the only one on this board that would say $200? I got bills to pay! ;)
  12. It was a question about comfort level and I fully respect whatever price point you might name. You have MY respect for being able to control your impulses!

  13. Mine is $1000. actually beginning at $700 I start thinking, is it really worth it, or could I use the money to upgrade the house instead? I have never paid more than $1000 for any bag I own.
  14. I know EXACTLY how you feel!! I only get a really expensive one when I am thinking too much or lusting too much (maybe I'm not thinking at all). And usually it is from money I've been saving and saving for something better (I mean more productive) than another bag! Although, I do love bags!! :love:
  15. and jeans :love:

    Though i feel bad spending $158 on a bag when I still owe almost 100 times that in student loans...