Where is your comfort level price point?

  1. Generally around 200-300, but only for something I will love. I only have one bag that I have broken that rule for and it was my RM affair. Generally I can find killer deals!
  2. Nope! I'm not rich either! I don't think I could go over $400 without feeling irresponsible.
  3. It depends on my finances for the month and if I have extra money or not... The most I've spent on a single bag so far is prolly around $2000, though I would-AND WILL-spend more. I definately plan on getting more Chanel and a Hermes bag in the future. I don't ever limit myself... If I really want something, I'll buy it, and if I don't have the money, I'll save up for it. Just this week I impulsively bought a Valentino Nuage bag, a Treesje bag, Chanel sandals, and Tory Burch sandals all because I had the money to do so! The were not planned purchases AT ALL... Haha, even sometimes when I don't have the money, I will still randomly buy stuff... I figure you only live once...f*ck it!

  4. If not for bags such as Chanel or Prada, I will say $600. If I really like it very much, $999.99 is my maximum. When it hits $1000, I will probably think of buying a Prada instead of the one I am looking at.
  5. Me too!

    Above $200 means I hesitate to ensure I really want it and will use it. I don't make any impulse purchases above that range. Below that... I kind of buy whatever I want.

    I do that because I buy/have a lot of everyday bags and rotate them constantly so if I didn't have that threshold for consideration I'd be spending more on bags than my mortgage! :smile:
  6. This is me. I like to have several bags (I have accessory ADD) so $2500 is my limit. Above that I'd better love it.
  7. I'm fine up to $1,000. After that, I really have to think.
  8. I'm no longer saying since I just overexceeded what I believed on spending.
  9. 500 max usually unless its a primer designer like LV, Gucci, ect.
  10. That makes two of us!:wtf:
  11. This is me too. I could spend a lot more than I do...
  12. It's such a pretty bag, though. :p
  13. My comfort level price point is $300. I'll impulsively buy underneath that price; anything above that has to be thought about carefully. Having said that, though, I've spent well over that many, many times. :p
  14. Well, I do have bags that I paid more money for, but the average is $200-$300, I really can't afford more than that. I don't get a new bag very often either. I don't work, and my husband is a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps. The United States Armed Forces isn't exactly paid all that well!
  15. It used to be 150€ (around US$200). It became 300€ (around $430). Then it changed to 500€ ($700).

    I think I'm on a slippery slope...

    But to be honest, for every purchase I make I need to think about it. I just can't buy anything without thinking it over beforehand. If I think it is worth the money, then I'll spend it, whatever the price point (but then, above a certain level, say $1000, I guess it's much more difficult to justify that it's really "worth it"...)