Where is your Burberry made in?

  1. Everything i own from burberry was made in London :smile:
  2. A lot of my newer ones are now made in China but I have several that were made in Italy. I haven't noticed much change in the quality thankfully.
  3. I've noticed that Burberry Brit is made in China, but most, if not all, of the Burberry London is made in England. My trench is made in England =)
  4. Turkey, england. Never seen a china
  5. hi, I used to work as a SA in Burberry for a year in London, so from my short experience and training I can tell you that Burberry makes no secret from the fact that most of the items are in fact made in China, but in authorized Burberry factories under strict quality control, at Burberry standards and with the required materials.
    nevertheless you have to be careful and make a clear difference between a burberry made in China and a fake made in China.
    The only items still made in the UK( WITH SOME PARTS LIKE THE COLLAR STILL Stitched by hand) are the trench coats.
    one more thing. Normally the SA would ask you to leave your details when you buy something, and introduce them in the Burberry system. this allows you to track basically any item bought anywhere in the world if needed( based on the name of the customer, if the customer registered his name). Hope this helps.
  6. My coats from the Prorsum line are made in Italy, but the London ones are made in Turkey and England.
  7. I'm not happy. I bought from Nordtrom their Burberry Satchel today (Anniversary sale) the two-toned one, Chocolate Brown and Black trim. Inside it says made in Italy but the clothing label indicates fabric made in Africa and other materials were made elsewhere. I think it was assembled elsewhere and the tag was sewn in Italy. I could be wrong but if I'm paying that much for this bag I want the whole bag to be made in Italy. It might go back tomorrow and I might as well spring for a Bottega. The tag sewed on looks kinda funky too not too well sewn on.
  8. My two leather Burberry Prorsum bags (Ribbed Crossbody and Woven Leather Wristlet)are made in Italy.
  9. My Nova Check is made in China
    My SA told me that the nova check were made in China
    Is it true?
  10. Is there a way to tell authentic Burberry bags that are Made in China from the fake ones?
  11. one made in China and one made in Italy
  12. Here is the truth! Burberry does produce in China, as well as Poland, Romania, India, Spain, Italy, England, and yes lots in the US. Burberry has factories all over the world and if its not their own factories they contract this work.

    I hope it helps you
  13. is there a difference in quality between items made in england vs turkey vs china?

    I just bought a burberry london coat made in turkey, but I thought they were usually made in the uk?
  14. I'm partial London since that's where it was originated.
  15. Yes...Nova checks are made in China although there might be some Nova checks that were made in Italy before they moved production to China.