Where is your Burberry made in?

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    Burberry Studded Leather Shopper, Olive green, made in China, bought 2 years ago, very stylish. The magnetic closure is weak.

    BURBERRY LANGLEY SHOULD BAG, Black, made in Italy, bought 2 years ago, stylish, Some part of the edge leather started to crack.

    Burberry Check Twill Shoulder Bag, Black, made in China, bought 2 years ago, extremely stylish. The only non-leather Burberry bag I've ever bought so far. Unbelievable beautiful with sweat price.

    Burberry Leather Hobo, made in Turkey, White, bought last year, stylish. good everyday bag.

    Burberry Leather Grid Check Print Shoulder Bag, Raspberry, made in Italy, bought last year, very stylish, a little too small

    Burberry Leather Shoulder Bag, Plum, made in Turkey, got this Spring, good everyday bag
  2. I own one Burberry bag, 2008 Warrior, made in Italy :smile:
  3. I'm glad I read this thread, I almost wanted to order a bag from the website. Its very sneaky of them to put "imported", but we don't know where its imported from, they should just put where its made in exactly. I do like some of their leather bags, but if its made in china, then forget it.
  4. I bought the large bridle house check hobo from the Burberry website and the tag says made in Italy. I have noticed that a lot of the nova check totes are made in China with the "Imported" description when shopping online.
    The continental wallet that matches my bag is made in Italy as well.
  5. It seems when they put "imported" on the website, it's made in China. Though I have a crossbody bag that's made in China and a haymarket bag that's made in Italy and both are in good condition.
  6. why every time i tried to post in authenticate burberry bag... the page always error
  7. I have a Burberry nova check wallet and it's made in china.
  8. I do have a cotton/silk/cashmere scarf that was made in Italy, but my 100% cotton square scarf was made in India. I definitely would not have bought it if I knew to check for its origin :shucks:
  9. Burberry pink Haymarket made in Italy :smile: I didnt know small leather would made from India, Vietnam or china... Untill I plan to buy a wallet to match with my bag and saw it made in Vietnam which cost $500-$600 which I've no clue what the company were trying to justify between the two fact. Got me put off buying their things now.
  10. My tote was also made in Italy, my wallet made in Japan

    And I'm so surprised to know that my country made small BBR leather products as you said :smile:
  11. London and china .
  12. How do y'know where your Burberry is made? Thanks! :smile:
  13. It's not the race/nationality of the craftsmen that gets my goat. I just want my stuff to be made in the country of origin. You can hire Chinese or any other races, just make them in England!

    Similiarly, if Burberry had exported an entire town of British craftsmen and physically locate them in China, I still wouldn't be happy.

    It's not the nationality/race of the perso that irks me, it's the place of anufacturing.
  14. I got a marystow trenchcoat in April from Harrods London and it was made in London.
  15. My bag was made in Italy. My scarf was made in Scotland.