Travel Where Are You Going This Year?

May 15, 2011
I went to visit my husband's family in May and since then we've done a couple weekends away camping and at the beach still keeping away from crowds.

Next trip is Disney World in October for the 50th Anniversary of Magic Kingdom - little nervous about the crowds but I've been planning on going for the 50th for years so I can't give it up. (unless things get really bad again)

Don't think there will be any other trips this year.

Next year Disney in May (Star Wars day!,) camping for 4th of July and maybe London/Ireland/Scotland with my MIL in December. She does not like travel (very attached to her pets) so I was shocked when she told my husband she wanted to go! I was like "I'LL BE YOUR LONDON GUIDE!!!"
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Dec 14, 2005
I was in Haiti earlier this year and just returned from the Greek Islands :love: and Germany a few days ago.

One more 'planned' international trip upcoming, Spain with my college and forever bestie! :yahoo:Just happy and grateful to be back to traveling again. I so missed it.
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