Where Are You Going This Year?

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  1. Just curious....what trips do you have planned for 2009?

    As of right now I have conferences planned for:

    New Orleans in mid-March (will be looking forward to the weather)

    Denver in early April (I hope there won't be any snow)

    Miami in mid April (going to go and look for an apartment, but will stay on South Beach and do some touristy things)

    Chicago in early May (will be my goodbye tour of the city; I live 90 miles away)

    Once we move to Miami in May we are planning the following:

    Bahamas in September for a 3-4 day weekend

    Thanksgiving at Disneyworld or Universal Studios (used to be an annual tradition when we lived in CA; since Disneyworld is bigger we'll likely make several trips over the course of the 2 years we are in FL)

    Christmas cruise in the Caribbean (probably a 5 day cruise)

    I really want to get back to Europe....but with tight budgets for the next 2 years because of my internship, it'll have to wait. Maybe I'll get lucky and will have an international conference that work will pay for LOL
  2. hmmm, so far:

    Florida in February--going to Orlando for work & fun! First to Disney, Universal, Epcot, & MGM. After 5 days of fun, 2 days at a trade show (Global Pet Expo) for my business.

    April-May: ummm, were going everywhere! DH and I are renting a big RV and traveling the US for a month. Sounds silly, but I've always wanted to do it, and we have to do it before we have children!

    June--upstate NY for 2 friends weddings and to visit family.

    July--Tennessee, we always go to see the in-laws for the 4th of July.

    August--back to NY for my sisters bridal shower

    September--VEGAS BABY!! We go every year as a mix of work & play. We go to a pet trade show (SuperZoo) and stay a few extra days to enjoy Vegas.

    October--back to NY for my sisters wedding

    October-November--perhaps a trip to Hawaii before the holiday season.

    Whew--we have a busy year ahead of us!
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    im traveling ALOT
    April -DISNEY World......AND TEXAS
  4. We have a credit to use at a B&B on Martha's Vineyard, but other than that, we can't sfford to do anything other than visit family.
  5. Gaah, I have nothing planned. Need to find a job first.

    When I do, though, I'd like to plan a trip to Japan this year. I've never been there. And maybe a trip to Hawaii for my 5-year anniversary, but I haven't discussed this with DH yet.

    I will probably also go to Boston within a month or so with DH as his father is ailing.
  6. So far...
    February: Boston
    March-April: FL & Caribbean
  7. No big travel plans for us this year - we've lived in 3 different countries in the last 4 years and have visited another 3 - we need a break :lol: But stuff we've planned locally include:
    Vancouver BC in February
    Victoria in July
    (maybe) Montana in August for a wedding

    I also want to check out some of the cities along the Oregon coast (Cannon Beach, Tillamook, Astoria, etc) during the summer/fall but those will probably just be day trips
  8. Ohhhh I'm so envious of everyone heading to the Caribbean!!! I can't wait to get to Florida so I can be close to all of that :smile:
  9. Several trips to Napa through out the year.
    1.5 weeks in L.A. in March
    4 days in Las Vegas (DH's conference)
    2.5 weeks to Asia in April (Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailan & Korea)
    2 weeks to Europe in May (U.K. France, Italy, Austria)
    Summer - Napa
    1 week in Big Island (Hualalai)
    Tentatively planned 2 weeks to Africa later in the year
  10. Place we are going this year include:
    St. Petersburg

    We're moving in November to DC for 6 months, and before we get there we're going to visit our family in Texas and Ohio.
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    so far we have 2 confirmed (ticket,accomodation sorted) holidays based on the kids' school vacations:

    march/april (easter holiday): 11days, to disney world, florida.

    july-august (summer holiday): 8 weeks, to indonesia with short trips to singapore and malaysia. might squeeze in a long weekend to bali whilst in indonesia.

    no plans for the "half-term school breaks" yet. maybe just go down to london for a week? might consider going to portugal since my PIL bought a holiday apartment in algarve a couple of years ago and we haven't had the chance to see it (since we were in canada at the time).

    for christmas break, we'll stay in UK since my family are planning to come over.
  12. hopefully vegas and austin this year!

    we're planning a trip to central america for my grad school graduation present...i think honduras, guatemala, and nicaragua (big corn island!)!
  13. So far a conference in San Francisco and a trip home to Illinois sometime during the summer. I'll attend another meeting but I have to decide which one: Pittsburgh, Toronto, or San Francisco again. I'm leaning towards Toronto!
  14. July I will be going to San Diego we are in the talks to go to Mexico while there as well. We will also more then likely visit Saratoga NY but that is really close to NJ were we live. Maryland for family more then likely....
  15. We've only planned the first part of the year so far:
    - Feb - Vegas
    - March to April - Japan
    - May - San Francisco

    Should be a good travel year!