Travel Where Are You Going This Year?


Sep 21, 2014
My U.S. passport has expired, so I can't go outside of Switzerland (where we live). I'm taking two weeks off in early October and just day tripping around the country while waiting for my passport to be renewed. We have reservations for Paris and Brussels in November, so am crossing my fingers I get the renewal back in time. We also have another trip to Paris planned for February -- my husband just bought tickets for a Suzanne Vega concert there, so that's our excuse for going.

Fortunately we're both fully vaccinated and traveling by train, not planes, so the actual travel part of the trips shouldn't be too bad.

There is a chance that I'll be doing a six week or so assignment at our Singapore office next year. Really crossing my fingers for that one. So if I have to get on a plane, at least it will be business class on Singapore Airlines :flowers:. My husband would join me about halfway through the assignment and fortunately we have enough FF miles for him to fly business as well.


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Oct 20, 2021
i'm taking a trip to NYC next week and i haven't worn my new telfar bags out that much yet. i'm deciding on whether i should bring one in each size (s,m,l) as i wanted to or just the small and medium. i really want to bring the large but it would be as my carry on to hold my cameras and i'd be storing it in the overhead bin.

sure it no 2k or 10k bag but i still want to maintain the quality so i'm feeling a type of way about storing it in the overhead bin and the security scan. i think carrying it in its dust bag is smart and would protect it but it feels so extra lmao

idk any seasoned designer purse baddies have thoughts??? these are my first designer bags so i'm trying to be smart and not get them stolen or damaged


Oct 23, 2016
Last year I went to SW Florida (my dad is there and my sister owns a condo there) a couple of times, Washington DC, and Paris (yes, I bought a bag there). This year so far I am going to Barcelona (can't wait, will also be buying another bag there, have to take advantage of European prices...), DC again, Chicago, and almost certainly SW Florida. Also contemplating London in November, making up for lost travel time...


Jul 27, 2010
My husband and I were in Hawaii (Oahu) last January for our anniversary. We’re booked to go back again in April to take our 8 year old for her spring break. On July we’re going to either Cancun or Puerto Vallarta for my birthday!