What’s your unpopular LV opinion?

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  1. I am confusion lol
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  2. haha
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  4. The collection reminds me of that show Blossom and the clothes she wore.
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  5. Definitely not a huge fan of the escale!!! Love this thread lol. I would have to go ahead and say... GASP.... I don’t like the speedy. Opening not functional at all, bag inside has no organization. Don’t like the shape. Never liked it and never will (sorry to the speedy lovers : ) )
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  6. I still love LV too! The irony!
  7. Lol. Translation: I own the Pochette Métis, I like it, and I plan to keep it for the time being, but it’s not as great as I thought it would be. I chased that bag for a year and thought I would love it, but I only like it. I guess my expectations were too high! It doesn’t hold as much as I thought it would, at least not without getting bulky and warped, the strap is stiff and uncomfortable (I’m hoping that it softens with time and use), and the plating on the hardware is showing wear badly and very quickly (when did LV’s hardware become so cheap???). I do like the bag - it is lightweight, and I enjoy its aesthetics - but Louis Vuitton makes better bags, IMO. It is priced very well, at least.
  8. Came here to say the exact same thing. :biggrin: The inside is like dropping everything into the vast abyss, the elbow straps are so short, it gets heavy very quickly, and looks bulky even when it's not full. I can almost get on board with a Speedy B but at those prices, I'd rather go for a Keepall B 45 and use it as carry-on luggage. The shape and design just makes more sense for luggage and not a purse.

    Also, I hate the color of new/light vachetta. Give me a pre-loved bag with a clean and even honey patina any day. New vachetta looks fake and cheap.
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  9. Blasphemy! Lol
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  10. I genuinely read your post and was like, “What?” Lol but I get that your expectations were too high and sometimes when we build things up in our head the outcome can hardly ever surpass. I, however, was the opposite. Bought it just because it was available, was skeptical that I would like it and ended up loving it. I think it’s the reverse color that got me, it’s such a nice break from the normal and somewhat boring regular mono.
  11. Hehehe
    I’m personally obsessed with the Chanel 19 bag whereas I’ve read some other pretty blasphemous posts on it lol
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  12. I guess I’ll contribute since I have been in here running my mouth with no actual contribution to the thread topic.

    My unpopular opinion - drumroll please... One CAN have too much mono. There I said it.
  13. Lol hey we like what we like forget the naysayers! I don’t know how much we can discuss other brands in this forum but I am thinking about purchasing my first Chanel bag. The mini flap... thoughts?
  15. OMG! :lol: Did I say something wrong?:panic: Lol